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Hi 101: History of Civilization c. 3500 BC to AD 1650 

A survey of ancient, medieval and modern history, from the advent of written records to AD 1650. Emphasis on the Western World, with appropriate coverage of non-Western cultures. An integrated study of political, economic, social, religious, intellectual and aesthetic aspects of culture in historical context.

Hi 102: History of Civilization since 1650 

A survey of early modern and modern history from AD 1650 to the present. Emphasis on Western World with appropriate emphasis on non-Western cultures and their contributions as well as African-American and women's studies. An integrated study of political, economic, social, religious, intellectual and aesthetic aspects of culture.

Hi 111: History of Civilization Lecture 

Corequisite: Hi 101.

Hi 112: History of Civilization Lecture 

Corequisite: Hi 102.

Hi 201: United States History to 1865 

The formation of the United States from earliest settlement, through separation from England to the establishment of a Republic; origins and adoption of the Constitution and its subsequent interpretation; political, economic and intellectual development, sectional and ethnic differences. Civil War and Reconstruction to 1865.

Hi 202: United States History since 1865 

Political, economic, intellectual and military development of the United States from the post-Reconstruction era to the present. Appropriate emphasis on ethnic and women's studies. The growth of the United States to its position as a 21st century world power.

Hi 300: Ancient Near East & Greece 

The rise of civilization in the Mesopotamian, Nile and Aegean areas; the development of Hellenic and Hellenistic cultures and their contributions to later ages.

Prerequisite: Hi 101.

Hi 301: Rome 

The rise and development of Roman civilization from its prehistoric origins to imperial dominance, with emphasis on cultural and religious developments, the rise of Christianity and the declines of both the Republic and the Empire.

Prerequisite: Hi 101.

Hi 310: Middle Ages 

Medieval Europe from the fall of Rome to 1300 with emphasis on the Roman Catholic Church, the development of states and cultural revival.

Prerequisite: Hi 101.

Hi 330: Colonial Era in America 

Colonial America with an emphasis on British North America and including the French, Spanish and native Americans. The development of colonial empire and the intersection of European and American cultures.

Prerequisite: Hi 201.

Hi 333: Civil War & Reconstruction 

Sectional discord and constitutional crises as antecedents to the secession and armed conflict in the United States, major campaigns of the Civil War, and reconstruction of the South and transformation of the North.

Prerequisites: Hi 201, Hi 202.

Hi 350: The West since 1914 

Europe and America from 1914 to the present with emphasis on political, economic, diplomatic, cultural, and social aspects.

Prerequisite: Hi 102.

Hi 360: The Non-Western World since 1914 

Struggle for independence, impact of the West, disintegration of the traditional order, emergence into the modern world and contemporary problems.

Prerequisites: Hi 101, Hi 102.

Hi 370: Early Modern Europe & The French Revolution 

From the Thirty Years' War to 1815, the rise of Prussia and Russia, Napoleon and his significance, and philosophical evaluation of the era.

Prerequisite: Hi 102.

Hi 402: Renaissance 

The transition in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Era, including historical background, developments in thought and philosophy, humanism, the arts and government, 1300-1550.

Prerequisite: Hi 101.

Hi 405: Reformation 

Precursors of the German Reformation with emphasis on the contributions of Martin Luther, the Reformation in other countries and the Roman Catholic reaction.

Hi 406: Historiography 

Introduction to the history of history and the philosophy of history; the use of historical tools; methods of investigation; problems of interpretation.

Prerequisites: Hi 101, Hi 102.

Hi 407: England to 1750 

England from pre-Roman era to 1750. Emphasis on the monarchy, law, parliament, society, economics and church reformation.

Prerequisite: Hi 101.

Hi 409: The Middle East 

A history of the Middle East from the introduction of Islam to the present. Includes a comparison of basic Islamic and Christian doctrines and practices.

Prerequisites: Hi 101, Hi 102.

Hi 414: Philosophy of History 

Introduction to interpretation of history from the early Greek era to the 20th century with special emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries. Formation of a biblically consistent worldview.

Hi 418: History of Religion in America 

A survey of the major religious developments in the United States from the colonial period to the present, focusing on the transition from a predominant Protestant orthodoxy to religious pluralism. The course examines both the ideas of religious movements and their impact on American society.

Prerequisites: Hi 101, Hi 102.

Hi 425: America's Ideological Foundations 

A study of the political beliefs of the founders of the United States; the sources of those beliefs; the effect of those beliefs on the establishment of the United States.

Hi 440: Historical Research & Writing 

Techniques of historical research, analysis and composition culminating in a formal article-length paper based in part on primary documentation. Required of all students majoring in History .

Prerequisite: Hi 406.

Hi 449: American Legal History 

Major developments in American legal history from the colonial period to the present with emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Prerequisites: Hi 201, Hi 202.

Hi 452: Europe in the 19th Century 

Europe from the fall of Napoleon to the outbreak of World War I. Modern nationalism, militarism, and imperialism, and their influence upon international affairs and upon the forms of international relationships.

Prerequisite: Hi 102.

Hi 460: American Social History since 1865 

Topics in cultural and intellectual history including diversity, literature, media and consumerism.

Prerequisites: Hi 101, Hi 102.

Hi 490: Independent Study in History 

Special study of a project chosen in consultation with history faculty.

Hi 499: European Studies 

Combination of travel and lectures in Europe. Visits and discussions related to men, movements, and sites of Protestant, Anglican and Roman Catholic history.

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