Ele 110: Digital Electronics 

A study of digital components, including gates, flip flops, registers, arithmetic circuits, memory devices and PLDs. Includes a study of Boolean algebra, simplification techniques and HLD-based design. Lecture and lab.

Ele 191: Digital Electronics Lab 

Corequisite: Ele 110.

Ele 205: Basic Circuit Analysis I 

Fundamentals of DC circuits. Ohm's Law, circuit theorems, nodal and mesh analysis, capacitors and inductors. First and second order transient response. Lecture and lab .

Prerequisite: Ma 200.

Corequisite: Ma 201.

Ele 206: Basic Circuit Analysis II 

Fundamentals of AC circuits. Sinusoids, phasors, AC power, three phase circuits, magnetically coupled circuits and frequency response. Laplace impedance methods. Lecture and lab.

Prerequisite: Ele 205.

Ele 295: Basic Circuit Analysis I Lab 

Corequisite: Ele 205.

Ele 296: Basic Circuit Analysis II Lab 

Corequisite: Ele 206.

Ele 301: Electronic Devices & Circuits 

Application of BJT and FET transistors and other semi-conductor devices. Lecture and lab.

Prerequisite: Ele 206.

Ele 303: Electric Machinery 

A study of AC and DC machines, energy conversion and transmission of energy.

Prerequisite: Ele 206.

Ele 306: Linear Integrated Circuits 

Phase locked loops, timers, and operational amplifiers as linear amplifiers, oscillators and comparators. Lecture and lab .

Prerequisites: Phy 109 or Ele 206 Prerequisite.

Ele 391: Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab 

Corequisite: Ele 301.

Ele 396: Linear Integrated Circuits Lab 

Corequisite: Ele 306.

Ele 404: Microprocessor Interfacing 

Hardware characteristics of microprocessors. Design of interfaces including memory, I/O, timers, DMA, interrupt controllers, A/D & D/A conversions. Lecture and lab.

Prerequisite: CpS 230.

Ele 494: Microprocessor Interfacing Lab 

Corequisite: Ele 404.

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