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Ph 200: Themes in Western Thought 

Selected philosophical ideas of continuing importance in Western thought from Socrates onward.

Ph 301: Logic 

Deduction and induction, the nature of reasoning, conditions of proof, introduction to the laws of thought and the processes of scientific method.

Ph 302: Ethics 

The meaning and purpose of ethics, with emphasis on Christian principles of action. Historical and practical approach to the problem of right conduct.

Ph 303: Ancient & Medieval Philosophy 

Major figures and movements in classical and medieval philosophy.

Ph 307: Enlightenment & Modern Worldviews 

Major figures and ideas since the 17th century and their relationship to the Christian worldview.

Ph 309: Philosophy of Religion 

Major issues in religion as interpreted through major religious worldviews.

Ph 405: Aesthetics 

Concepts of beauty and art and artistic criteria from Plato onward with attention to present issues of artistic validity including the relation of morality and art.

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