Eng 101: Introduction to Engineering 

An introduction to the field of engineering, to the design process, and to common engineering tools and techniques including programming, 3D CAD, and applied Finite Element Analysis.

Eng 200: Statics & Strength of Materials 

Forces on structures, moments and equilibrium. Free body diagrams and analysis; structural analysis. Stresses and deformation in axially-loaded members, torsion members and beams. Simple beam design.

Prerequisite: Phy 201.

Eng 201: Engineering Dynamics 

Kinematics and kinetics of particles, systems of particles and rigid bodies using vector analysis. Energy and momentum methods.

Prerequisite: Eng 200.

Eng 210: Computer Aided Design in Engineering 

Introduction to CAD tools for prototyping, analyzing and communicating solutions to engineering problems. Lab class.

Prerequisite: Eng 101

Eng 308: Electromagnetics I 

Electrostatic and magnetostatic applications of divergence, gradient, and curl, dielectrics and dielectric media, field boundary value problems, with applications to engineering.

Prerequisites: Phy 202, Ma 302.

Eng 309: Electromagnetics II 

Magnetostatics, magnetic properties, induction, Maxwell's equations, propagation of electromagnetic radiation.

Prerequisites: Eng 308 or Phy 308 Prerequisite.

Eng 310: Materials Engineering 

The structure-property relationship in materials including metals, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers and composites building progressively from electrons to atomic structure to bonding to crystal structures. The deliberate use of defects to alter material properties. Lecture and Lab.

Prerequisites: Phy 202, Chm 107.

Eng 320: Thermal-Fluid Sciences 

An introduction to thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer.

Prerequisite: Phy 201.

Eng 390: Materials Engineering lab 

Corequisite: Eng 310.

Eng 405: Design Problems 

Study of the design process. Design and fabrication of a device or system chosen by the student and approved by the instructor. Includes both written and oral design reports. Prerequisite: Approval of department chairman.

Eng 406: Mechatronics 

Characteristics and design of computerized electromechanical systems including robots. Lab includes a large interdisciplinary group design project. Lecture and lab.

Prerequisite: Eng 200.

Eng 407: Linear System Analysis 

Continuous and discrete signals and systems. Laplace transforms. Fourier series and Fourier transforms. Lecture and lab .

Prerequisites: Ele 206, Ma 302.

Eng 408: Linear Control Systems 

Topics include system representation, time and frequency response, stability and application of state variables. Lecture and lab .

Prerequisite: Eng 407.

Eng 496: Mechatronics Lab 

Corequisite: Eng 406.

Eng 497: Linear Systems Analysis Lab 

Corequisite: Eng 407.

Eng 498: Linear Control Systems Lab 

Corequisite: Eng 408.

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