Graphic Design

GrD 140: Design Technology I 

An introduction to electronic publishing with an emphasis on designing, using Adobe Creative Suite page layout and vector-based drawing software. Rudimentary production and prepress skills developed through class time devoted to hands-on experience in design-oriented projects.

GrD 141: Design Technology II 

A study of the history and applications of the computer as it pertains to graphics. Course includes practical projects using Adobe Creative Suite image editing, page layout and drawing software packages.

Prerequisite: GrD 140.

GrD 160: Typography I 

Study of historical development, type styles, principles of typography and letterform construction. Through lectures and studio work, emphasis is placed on the principles of problem solving relating to the technical and aesthetic use of both display and text type.

Prerequisite: GrD 140.

GrD 194: Design Technology II Lab 

Corequisite: GrD 141.

GrD 224: Graphic Design Production 

A comprehensive study of print production, with emphasis on digital composition and prepress. Development of basic skills in the materials and equipment used in the production of printed media.

Prerequisite: GrD 141.

GrD 308: Hand-Lettering 

A study of principles/aesthetics that guide hand-lettering with practical experiments/projects. Includes foundational study of calligraphy, historical and contemporary usage, with particular emphasis on fusing mechanical and digital lettering.

Prerequisite: GrD 160.

GrD 321: Graphic Design I 

Development of problem solving abilities with projects in visual aesthetics for the print media. Conceptualization through symbol and layout design. Analysis and criticism of the design image.

Prerequisite: GrD 160.

GrD 322: Graphic Design II 

Exploration of individual design solutions through the integration of composition, type and image. Examination of form, message and the interface between the visual and communicative aspects of graphic design, incorporating digital technologies in preparation of comprehensives and press-ready electronic mechanicals.

Prerequisite: GrD 321.

GrD 323: Typography II 

Utilization of type and typographic principles through technology in various aesthetic, business and professional applications. Exploration of the creative use of letterforms in visual communication.

Prerequisite: GrD 160.

GrD 325: Web Design I 

An introduction to interactive design through the medium of the web. Students will learn fundamental usability and interactive design principles and be introduced to the technologies and software used for professional web design including basic HTML, CSS, and Flash.

Prerequisite: GrD 141.

GrD 326: Web Design II 

An introduction to web design from an aesthetic perspective. Focus on designing sites that are both usable and graphically pleasing. Various site types will be discussed including informative and commerce genres, making use of Text Mate, CSS Edit and Flash programs.

Prerequisite: GrD 325.

GrD 360: History of Graphic Design 

An overview of the development of graphic imagery, design and printing from the Gutenberg era to the present age of computer graphics.

GrD 410: Portfolio 

Guidance in preparation and presentation of a portfolio with creative resume. Portfolio review with evaluation of studio work required for graduation.

Prerequisite: GrD 322.

GrD 415: Graphic Design Internship 

Evaluated work experience. Students will be placed in local business or industry for application of graphic design classroom skills with job responsibilities.

Prerequisite: GrD 322.

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