Culinary Arts

CA 101: Basic Food Knowledge

An introduction to the broad spectrum of products used in the food service industry. The student will learn the names, grading, and identification of food products. The course includes an analysis of the optimal care and handling of perishable food items in daily operations.

CA 102: Cooking Methods 

The process of cooking and working with food. The student will learn the wholesome, sanitary handling of food products. Emphasis will be placed on the selection of cooking techniques for the various food products.

CA 104: Introductory Bakeshop 

Exposure to the methods and techniques of commercial baking. The student will gain an overview of the many baked products and their application in the food service industry.

CA 116: Food Service Sanitation & Nutrition 

The study of balanced menus presented to restaurant customers. The student will become knowledgeable in the essential nutrients that enrich the human body. Areas of study include proper portioning, calculation of meal nutrition, and healthy food selection for professional menus.

CA 118: Food Service 

A course in the practical phases of commercial food production. This course includes the student planning, preparation and execution of food service functions.

Prerequisite: CA 102.

CA 125: Desserts & Pastries 

The objective is for a student to gain an understanding of practical desserts in today's restaurants. The focus will be on developing production and presentation skills in the pastry shop. This includes cake decorating, classical pastry production and planning the production of wedding cakes.

Prerequisite: CA 104.

CA 192: Cooking Methods Lab 

Corequisite: CA 102.

CA 194: Introductory Bakeshop Lab 

Corequisite: CA 104.

CA 195: Desserts & Pastries Lab 

Corequisite: CA 125.

CA 201: Practical Catering 

The planning and execution of food service functions. The course includes the student preparation of food events.

Prerequisites: CA 118, CA 125.

CA 202: Garde Manger 

A practical in-depth exposure to food presentation. The topics will include cold- and hot-food garnishes, individual a la carte concepts and the basics of cake decorating.

Prerequisites: CA 201, CA 211.

CA 203: Fine Dining 

This capstone class teaches the practical preparation of food. It covers the cooking of meats, seafood, potatoes, vegetables, and use of herbs and spices, dairy products, eggs, rice and pasta.

Prerequisites: CA 201, CA 211.

CA 205: Food Service Management 

Discusses the principles governing food service business practices. The course stresses the basic concepts of leadership, organization, standards, communication, control and personnel supervision.

CA 211: Culinary Arts Practicum 

The objective is for the student to gain an understanding of commercial food service operations. The direct area of focus for this semester will be sanitary food preparation.

Prerequisites: CA 118, CA 125.

CA 216: Food Purchasing & Menu Planning 

In-depth look at systems and procedures of good product control. The flow path of these products through food service outlets.

CA 225: Recipe Costing & Menu Analysis 

A study of recipe expansion and costing. The concepts of product yields, weight and measure conversions, and the development of menu item expenses are the key areas of focus.

CA 291: Practicum Lab 

Corequisite: CA 211.

CA 292: Garde Manger Lab 

Corequisite: CA 202.

CA 293: Fine Dining Lab 

Corequisite: CA 203.

CA 306: Restaurant Equipment & Design 

A study of the mechanical aspect of today's food production facilities. The student will be required to apply these concepts through developing an original food service facility.

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