Apparel, Textiles and Design

ATD 130: Apparel Construction I 

Basic methods of construction using hand and machine sewing techniques. Commercial patterns used in the construction of a variety of garments.

ATD 131: Apparel Construction II 

Application of professional sewing techniques and detail work to the construction of garments using commercial patterns.

Prerequisite: ATD 130.

ATD 220: Business of Fashion 

Overview of the development of the fashion industry along with current issues facing the industry. The concepts and principles involved in planning, designing, adopting, sourcing and manufacturing a line are introduced. Fashion merchandising careers are explored.

ATD 235: Apparel Design I 

Garment design techniques using a basic sloper. Dart manipulation, garment styling, and principles of fit are applied to half-scale design and construction. Prerequisite: ATD 131.

ATD 240: History of Apparel 

Historical survey of dress from ancient Egypt to modern times. Style, appearance and design details studied as influenced by changes in history.

ATD 330: Apparel Construction III 

Couture techniques applied to lined suit construction. Advanced skills include welt pockets, bound buttonholes and underlying structure in a tailored garment. Prerequisite: ATD 131.

ATD 335: Apparel Design II 

Advanced study of garment design and fit. Independent design and construction of garments. Prerequisite: ATD 235.

ATD 340: Textiles for the Consumer 

Examination of fibers, weaves, finishes and manufacturing processes of the textile industry. Practical application of fabric names, uses and care.

ATD 345: Computer Patternmaking 

Working knowledge of pattern design using computer software. Patterns created, graded and design detail added using screen slopers .Prerequisite: ATD 235.

ATD 360: Retail Merchandising 

Concepts and methods used in retail merchandising are expanded. Development of knowledge and skills used in determining merchandising plans, inventory control techniques, calculating markups, and terms of sale as related to the fashion business. Prerequisite: ATD 220.

ATD 430: Apparel, Textiles & Design Internship 

Field work experience in an Apparel, Textiles, and Design professional workplace. Faculty approval required.

ATD 435: Apparel Design III 

Principles and practices of stretch patternmaking through the development of slopers for knit fabrics. Construction techniques for knitwear applied to design projects. Prerequisite: ATD 335.

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