Fernando IX University
Fernando IX University

Mkt 205: Principles of Marketing 

An introduction to marketing's role of creating and capturing customer value for both consumer and business markets. Topics include customer-driven marketing strategies, product development, pricing, promotion, distribution, supply chain, competitive advantage, marketing ethics, the global marketplace and sustainable marketing.

Mkt 411: Marketing Strategy 

Application of marketing principles to strategic management of the firm's marketing program. Emphasis on critical thinking, business decision-making, and developing the firm's marketing plan. Team projects and presentations to local firms.

Prerequisite: Mkt 205.

Mkt 412: Professional Selling I 

Practical training in successful selling. Emphasis on the selling process, prospecting, preparation, presentation, handling objections, closing and follow- up.

Prerequisite: Mkt 205.

Mkt 414: Marketing Research 

Provides research methodologies and skills such as questionnaire design, Internet search strategies, statistical analysis, and other principles of data mining which are used in marketing management. A highlight of the course is a team marketing research project applying these marketing intelligence gathering techniques.

Prerequisites: Mkt 205, BA 404.

Mkt 415: Professional Selling II 

A continuation of Professional Selling I with emphases on leading a sales team with particular focus on recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and formal negotiating.

Prerequisite: Mkt 412.

Mkt 470: Advertising Principles & Practices 

The course provides a comprehensive overview of advertising and promotion from an Integrated Marketing Communication perspective. It creates a clear understanding of traditional advertising and promotional tools, and demonstrates how key elements within the marketing mix can be integrated. Attention will be given to integrating knowledge and skills in subjects such as marketing strategy, marketing research, media planning, communication and creative areas. Focus will be on creative strategies for traditional and non- traditional markets, advertising agency, competitive positioning and how each influences the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. A primary goal of the class is to move class members from an audience to creators of advertising and promotional strategies for business. There is a hands-on practicum, in which class participants prepare advertising campaigns for clients or competition.

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