As 150: Solar System Astronomy 

The history of astronomy, time-keeping, astronomical coordinates, the motion of celestial bodies, astronomical instruments and their use, properties of light, special relativity, planetary geology and meteorology, comets, meteors and asteroids. Includes observing project using the observatory. Lecture and lab .

As 151: Stellar & Galactic Astronomy 

The study of the structure, aging and motions of stars, binaries, star clusters, galaxies and super clusters. Other topics include pulsars, planetary nebulae, super novae, black holes, active galactic nuclei, etc. Includes observing project using the observatory. Lecture and lab.

As 180: Solar System Astronomy Lab 

As 181: Stellar & Galactic Astronomy Lab

As 303: Observational Astronomy 

Study of the methods for the collection and analysis of astronomical data.Prerequisite: Phy 202.

As 490: Research in Astronomy 

Research project in astronomy under faculty supervision.

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