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Can You Keep A Secret?

July 25, 2015- You've heard of something being so easy it's like shooting fish in a barrel, right? Well, trying to hide a project on the internet from someone who doesn't know how to turn on a computer should be fairly easy too, right? At least with your help we hope it will be!

As a special tribute to Dr. Charles Ray Jones-

1.) We'd like you to send us a picture of you and/or the Lyme patient(s) in your family that Dr. Jones has treated or is currently treating, OR...

2.) If you aren't being treated by Dr. Jones, but would like to send a sincere thank you note for all he has done over the years to help children and our cause- that is wonderful too!

Along with your picture or thank you note we would like to get a ONE PAGE (maximum) story about your Lyme journey and how Dr. Jones has helped you on your road to recovery. Even if you haven't reached your final goals yet your story is still important. ALL success stories and thank you notes are welcome!

Photos of Dr. Jones' patient(s), with or without other family members included, can be submitted. If you send a picture with your thank you note- a picture is nice, but not required- please be sure to provide the same information seen below. All smiles are welcome!

When making a submission please provide a first name (screen name is fine) for all of the people in the picture, and a city and state or foreign country. [Same for thank you notes accompanied by pictures.]

Please send all submissions to

The success stories, thank you notes and photos will be used in several ways, including...

1.) They will be placed on a website that will be seen by people around the world who need some encouragement while they are battling Lyme and tick borne diseases. You can be their inspiration!

2.) Placed in a Memory Book that will be presented to Dr. Jones at a later date. [A SURPRISE!]

3.) As support for additional Lyme and tick borne disease treatment when standard protocols fail to lessen symptoms or provide a cure.

We will review all submissions and make any necessary edits, so please feel free to send a rough draft for us to polish.

Thank you so much for sharing your thank you notes and success stories, and for keeping the "secret" from Dr. Jones until the time he is presented with the special Memory Book. And please, don't anyone teach him how to turn on a computer any time soon! ~smile~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Previous Project

A Special Thanks to Dr. Jones

"Dr. Jones is a Miracle Worker! My grandson is one of the tens of thousands of children that he has restored to good health. This South Carolina family was truly blessed to have Dr Jones!!!" (cbb)

"In Connecticut, where over half the ticks are infected with Lyme, my brother found an engorged tick on his 5-year old daughter's head. Their pediatrician accused the mother of being "overanxious" and refused to treat the child. Dr. Jones saw her on very short notice... My niece has no sign of Lyme disease today." (Phyllis, CA)

"Dr. Jones is a saint in my book. And I'm sure in the hearts of thousands of families who have been touched by his tremendous knowledge, devotion, and compassion to "all his children." May he be able to continue his work and pass on his knowledge as unhindered as possible." (Rumi)

"And despite his ongoing extraordinarily ridiculous legal expenses, there is no pressure to make any contribution. This gentleman, a gentle man if ever there was one, could have retired 20 years ago. Instead, he opted to continue helping very sick kids who have been marginalized by modern medicine. He has paid a great price for this yet continues on, doing what is good and right." (AS, LN)

"Dr. J is a Saint. He is very kind and compassionate. He has helped our daughter." (Jane, MA)

"1st heard about Dr. Jones via the web when I was dx in 2003. Then saw a family he had treated in the waiting room of my LLMD. The boy told me about the guy who came to you being pushed in a wheel chair, not able to hear, not able to see, etc and how he went on to college. It was such good medicine just to see the little 8 or 10 year old acting like an 8 or 10 year old after he himself had been bedridden for far too long before seeing Dr. Jones." (Kam, CA)

"This is a doctor who has helped thousands and hurt no one, has perservered in spite of tremendous odds. He is a great man." (Lou, LN)

"Selflessly giving to make our children well, you have restored hope, happiness, and life. We love you Grandpa Jones." (TR, PA)

“He is not only the most amazing Dr I have ever met but the most amazing Man. You can feel his warmth and compassion just by being in his presence and then of course he will slip a sly little joke in and you can’t believe he just said what he said. To know him is to love him” (Karen, CT)

"Dr. Jones’ thorough examination of my son led him to the diagnosis of Lyme, even though he had the “standard” 21 day treatment following an EM rash. When my son began to lose his eye-sight due to the initial under-treatment of the disease, Dr. Jones was there for us. My initially skeptical spouse became as grateful as we all were that Dr. Jones was able to save our son as he has countless others. Thank you Dr. Jones." (Debbie, CT)

"He has been a tremendous help to many people who were devastatingly sick. He deserves nothing but praise!" (LB, LN)

"Dr. Jones has never been afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He is a man of great character, courage and integrity--a man who will certainly be revered in future generations. Like his friend Martin, he stood up and continues to stand up and fight for those less fortunate: the children, our very sick children. Most importantly he will be remembered by the tens of thousands of children whose lives he touched and made better." (AS, LN)

"Dr. Jones' exams are extremely thorough, and when you and your child are in his office, you'd think your child was his only patient. There is no rushing, no urgency to send you off to another room." (AS, LN)

"Dr. J. surely has a special place in heaven. But I sure hope heaven can wait because he is still so needed here on earth." (AS, LN)

"We love Dr. J. He has saved our daughter and his compashion for children is unsurpassed. We know he is in a difficult position and to battle this at his age and at the same time treating children speaks volumes. We need more Dr. J's." (T9, CT)

"When Dr. J heard how sick my daughter was, he saw her almost immediately and was up for hours during the night going thru her records w/ a find-toothed comb. Amazing and gracious he truly is! He knew her before he ever saw her. It is wonderful to know there is someone out there who cares so deeply for our children, so deeply like no other doctor I've ever seen." (LG, PA)

"It takes a lot for a child who is very ill to trust a doctor, who has to examine them, draw blood, prescribe medicine. It takes a lot for an adolescent to trust anyone - that's the nature of adolescents, as they look critically at the adults in their lives, and begin the process of individuation. Yet these very ill children, these strong-willed adolescents, trust Dr. Jones, as do their parents. And they allow him to examine them, subject themselves to blood draws, take their medicine, and even as they doubt the world around them, sometimes even doubting their parents, they trust Dr. Jones. He will, and does, make them well. And they hold him in their hearts, even as they go on with their recovered lives." (Sandy, CT)

"Waiting anxiously to met with him...Have an apt in January for my daughter! I think I might bow and kiss this mans feet if he's not wearing a ring!! lol" (Jenn, NY)

"Dr Jones has given both my daughters their futures back. He's willing to do the right thing and provide these children with appropriate treatment, when so many others are not." (Kathy, TN)

"I have heard many great things about this man and his power to restore health in children. I hope that my child will be among the lucky ones to be treated by such a great doctor." (Cheffer, Ontario)

"I have only heard wonderful things about this doctor; how he's helped so many, many children recover their health and how he has given his life to care for them. He is a gift to us all." (17, PA)

"We have a February appointment for my son. It will be one of the greatest moments of my life to meet Dr Jones." (LXtu, MN)

"Dr Jones has given his life to giving QUALITY OF LIFE back to 16,000+ children with his extensive knowledge, endless love, sensitivity for the child/parents, and working 7 days/week to give this unconditional love! Thanks, Dr Jones" (BettyG, Iowa)

"Dr Jones helps restore the lives and hope of children and parents in this country and worldwide. His experience, commitment and love for children is one of the most remarkable stories of our time." (Robin, CA)

"May God bless this humble man as works to save the weakest among us. Only with God's grace and our prayers could he continue to heal children in the midst of all this opposition. No one in my family is a patient of Dr. J's, but I am a mom and I feel a special connectedness and love for him as he fights the battle to save these kids." (RE, FL)

"Being a support group leader brings you into contact with patients of all ages with Lyme disease. I'm always concerned with each individual story, but the stories that break my heart are often about small children and adolescents who are so ill. Their lives are torn apart at an early age and the parents are desperately looking for help. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to offer information to them about Dr. Jones and suggest that he has helped several thousand others and will, no doubt, help their child. The entire family will learn to love this dedicated, truly great doctor. We are all thankful for him!" (Jean, MD)

"Dr J was given a gift from God and he uses it very well. He is a very special human being." (SG, MS)

"Dr. Jones you are a pioneer, a man of courage, and a man of compassion. You take a stand on principles and are unyielding. You endure hardship with extraordinary grace. You have hand crafted a life worth living and have touched many lives." (Lorraine, CA)

"Once in a while you come across someone that you hear about (never met) that embodies what we as a species can become. He is the best of us. Just hearing about him inspires hope in all things." (ALW, AL)

"Dr. Jones is a true hero. He has completely devoted his life to saving the lives of children. His thanks for this has been harrassment by the Connecticut Medical Board. I hope he knows that the other reward is the love and respect of thousands of Lyme patients who know what he has done for so many thousands of kids whose lives would have been devastated or lost without his work." (Ellen, NY)

"Empathy and Compassion and Skill—isn’t that the ideal physician? Dr Jones is one of the few physicians that I can say possess these traits. Our daughter suffered a severe illness which created pain, congestive heart failure, central nervous system damage, pulmonary problems, and cognitive disorders. She had over 18 different non-specific diagnoses, and a prognosis of less than a year to live. Prior to finding Dr. Jones we had physicians who gave no hope and told us to just enjoy the last year with her.

After seeing doctor Jones and spending nearly 4 hours in his office on a Sunday morning he suspected Lyme disease and several other infections. Dr. Jones was our lifeline. His compassionate, empathy and skilled care saved our daughters life. 10 years later she is still alive, and now I get to experience the joy of a healthy vibrant grandchild too. Thank you Dr. Jones." ( Theresa, OR)

"Dr Jones- you saved our sons life and helped our daughter. Your strength and courage of conviction gave us the courage to endure and continues to inspire countless others. There are no words strong enough to thank you. You are full of love and take great care to treat each individual child as if they are your own. God Bless You! Love, Julie, Tom, Matt, and Katie" (CT)

"Dr Jones saved Jared's life!" (Elise)

"M y daughter has been Dr. Jones patient for 2 years. She is not healed; she has something better- a real live hero. He speaks the truth. I have never met any man like him. True greatness comes along very seldom- this man defines it." (Michelle)

"Dr. Jones is brilliant and compassionate. If all doctors were like him the world of medicine would be light years' ahead. Dr. Jones gave my son his life back. He missed 90 percent of high school (got a GED) and was disabled from Lyme disease for 7 years. Now he is the #1 student in an excellent university and doing wonderfully. If it were not for Dr. Jones, who knows; maybe my son would not have even survived. God bless Dr. Jones!" (Elaine, CT)

"Blessed, compassionate, merciful, strong, persistent, got guts!, spunky, cute, flirty, works wonders, miracle worker, works well with kids and successful. Success is not defined by the position he is in, but how many lives he's touched and HEALED. Our deepest and most sincerest love to Dr. Jones and may God continue to bless him." (Isabella, Dorothy- CT)

"Dr. Jones listened and believed us when other MD's did not. He is an angel who is determined to stay the course helping thousands of children and their families. It is disheartning that the medical community is punishing him instead of learning and building on his work and years of service." (Kim, Doug, Adam and Anna- CT)

"You only have the privilege of meeting a few doctors of Dr Charles Ray Jones caliber in your lifetime, and I am fortunate to have known him and observed him practice medicine with his young patients." (Dolly, CT)

"Our fragile little girl is now a healthy 10th grader. High honor roll, 3 varsity letter, state qualifier swimmer and hurdler, a long ways from the mess Dr. Jones nursed to heatlh. Thanks only to Dr. Jones for believing us when no one else did." (KM, CT)

"Dr. Jones is one of the most caring and supportive Dr.'s I have ever met. He comforted our family in one of the scariest times of our lives. When our child was sick and no one will help he did. He gave us our son back." (Heidi -Connecticut)

"Dr. Jones has treated my five children for tick-borne infection. When they came to him, their quality of life and ability to function at school, in sports and socially, were rapidly declining. For two of my children, their treating physicians refused to connect their deterioration to the Lyme diagnoses which preceded it. Dr. Jones listened to me and to my kids, and addressed their tick-borne disease with individual treatments. They all are now symptom-free and no longer being treated. Best of all, they are thriving at school, in sports, the arts, and in their social lives. My daughter graduated first in her class, and is pre-med at an Ivy League college. My son was recruited to play football by several college coaches, and will attend a first-rate university in the fall. I am convinced that none of this would have occurred without Dr. Jones. He saved my children's quality of life, if not their very lives." (PaulaG)

"Dr. Charles Ray Jones has saved both of my sons from the destruction of Lyme Disease. He was the only doctor who stuck with them long enough to cure them. He has the knowledge, experience, intellect, gentle tenacity, compassion, and courage to help children with Lyme Disease, and do it despite a powerful, obstructionist clique in the medical community that has turned its back on those truly suffering with Lyme, tried to manipulate and limit treatment, and cowered doctors who would wish to treat it. Dr. Jones is a pioneer in the treatment of Lyme Disease and the only true hope for children that have it. I can't thank you enough, Dr. Jones. I hope the medical community is ready to acknowledge your contributions and thank you, also." (Diane, CT)

"Dr. Jones has been a lifesaver for our family. He has nurtured three of our four children back to health in a kind and dignified manner. His positive, steady approach and endless wisdom will always be treasured. We love you Dr. Jones! (Kathy, Greg, Colleen, Caroline , Kevin and Kerianne from MA)

"Dr. Jones has been a godsend to my three children. He treated all of them as needed with a thorough and careful hand. My children are well because of his perseverance." (K, CT)

"At 14, sick since age 9, my daughter had to be carried into his office for her first appointment. "Sydney, you are fixable", he said. He gave her hope and then, in time, a new chance at life. (Lydia R, Northampton, MA)

Our daughter missed her full 3rd and 4th grade school years due to symptoms of Neuroborreliosis. We were told she was dying from Mitochondrial Disease and the best we could hope for, if she survived, was she would live in an institution for the rest of her life. Dr. Charles Ray Jones saved our daughter's life, literally. For us, he is a living Saint. We have never met a kinder, wiser person. There are no words to describe how truly magnificent a man Dr. Jones is. (Todd and Kay L, Newburyport, MA)

"I am from the Lyme Support Group of Danvers, MA and have listened to the stories of many mom's whose children were infected by ticks and were helped by Dr Jones. I fear the day when Dr Jones will no longer be available to provide the support so needed by these children. I both love and admire that man for who he is and what he stands for." (Joan- Lynn, MA)

"Dr Jones brought clarity, compassion and hope for a new direction of healing rather than an acceptance of lifelong suffering with an autism spectrum diagnosis. Treating Lyme, babesia and multiple infections was not an overnight “fix”, but Dr. Jones’ gentle and patient guidance greatly improved the quality of my son’s life. His treatments allowed my son to move from needing a full-time aide in elementary school due to scattered learning and behavioral issues to becoming fully mainstreamed and earning honor-effort roll achievements in middle school. Dr. Jones showed courage in the face of non-believers; his diagnoses and recommended treatments come from his heart as well as his extensive experience. Dr. Jones is an angel brought to heal our suffering children." (Sharon, CT)

"To me Dr. Jones is hope. When upwards of 10 doctors failed my daughter Nina, he was the one to help. He gave us hope then and now she is so much better. He is clear and to the point, making notations of all things she is feeling. I wish there were more docs out there like him. God bless Dr. Jones. (Dean D.)

"I do not know you personally, but am so grateful for the progress you have made for those suffering with Lyme. Thank you for your perseverance concerning those who have gone diagnosed for years (I being one of those people.) Thank you for listening to our cries when no one else would. God Bless you." (Geri)

"Dr. Jones saved my niece's life and along the way helped me save my life. The man is a very caring guy and one of the best doctors I know. I only wish all doctors were like him. He treats patients until they are better. Thanks!" (Jim M. New Haven, CT)

"Dr. Jones is the most patient, kind and caring doctor my daughter and I have ever met. He was the only one who spent the time to immediately diagnose and explain what was wrong with my daughter and give her hope at every visit. He is a very revered man in our household and to all that have been lucky enough to get an appointment with him." (Debby D., CT)

"What can I say about a man that gives so much of himself to all. My son went to him for three years. He went from swollen knees, iritis in his eyes, back to regular blood work and a healthy kid. He is now 15 and all I have to say to him is thank you. Good health to him and God bless. Thank you." (Cathy R.)

"Thank you for all the outstanding care and love you give to us. We couldn't have begun to deal with this without you. You have made me a better mom to Brendan and Devin and always know how to keep me hopeful. You are truly my life line." (Mary P. Washington, NJ)

"Thanks for saving my life...3 times. You have worked so hard to get me well. I know I will never be able to repay you, but know that I trust, admire and respect you always even when you are telling me things I don't want to hear." (Brendan P. Washington, NJ)

"Thanks for all you have done for me and my brother. I know it hasn't been easy. You have always helped me out through these hard times and I am grateful. I would proudly stand by your side any time." (Devin P. Washington, NJ)

"You have kept us sane during these crazy times. Thanks for believing in my kids and my wife, saving Brendan's life more than once, and helping us maneuver through this world of Lyme. You are truly a gift and knowing you has been the silver lining to all we have gone through." (Hank P. Washington, NJ)

"Dr. Jones, you cannot imagine how much you mean to my family. Had it not been for

your unyielding devotion to the children stricken by this horrible illness, and your resolve to continue to treat despite unwarranted adversity, I have no doubt that my teenage son would have deteriorated with no hope. You are truly a special man and we will NEVER forget you - thank you for correctly diagnosing my son's multiple co-infections and literally saving his life." (Michelle & Brent, Maryland)

"Dr. Jones is the most caring sympathetic man. I have been his patient for 2 1/2 years and I feel like he has been suffering along with me. He gives me hope." (Hannah, CT)

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