Photos of Various Skin Manifestations 
Related To Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases

Approximately 50% of people with Lyme disease reported having NO rash. Nationally, less than 10% of children get a rash (Dr. Jones, CT).  Late and chronic stages of Lyme disease tends to bring on more skin-related changes.

UPDATE-  Picasa Photo has basically ceased to exist and Google Photos has taken over.  All albums in the original format were lost in the transition.  Links have been changed below and hopefully will work until another place for the photos can be located and set-up.  

Click on 1st picture, then click on the info button- top right.  This will allow you to see the photo and the description.  

If you have a rash photo to donate to the collection, please send it to: 

Lucy Barnes at  

Thank you!

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