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July 9, 2015

Update on Dr. Jones

This is an unofficial update, but what from I've heard, Dr. Jones is BACK in business! The staff is back to work and they are keeping VERY busy trying to keep up with all the work there is to do. Below is one very special patient and his dear father, who traveled a good distance to get there, and who were both very happy to see Dr. Jones this past week!

As soon as I can get something official I will share it here. But, for now, at least we know Dr. Jones is back doing what he loves to do! Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes!

Lucy Barnes


June 11, 2015 Update on Dr. Jones

Wish I had better news, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, Dr. Jones' doctors recently extended his medical leave for another 3 - 4 weeks. He is doing well, but they felt he needed a little more time to get his strength back. Unfortunately, they do not know when he can start back up again, so they had to cancel all of his June appointments.

They will not reschedule any appointments until they have an exact date as to when he can resume his practice. I was asked to please let all the parents know that he appreciates their concern, and is really looking forward to seeing his patients again!

I will try to keep everyone updated as I have any news. And thanks for your prayers and best wishes.

Lucy Barnes



May 14, 2015 Update on Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones is still in weekly therapy and I am told he is doing better. He is hoping to be back to work by the 1st of June, possibly a few days sooner? There is still a chance he won’t be cleared to return to work at that point because his doctor may want to extend his medical leave.

If he can’t be back by the 1st of June, the office said they will do their best to notify patients as soon as they know something. They understand many come from out of town and need to make arrangements and travel plans, so they want to give everyone as much notice as possible so they can be rescheduled if needed. No one wants him out of the office longer (and I would imagine he is on top of that list), but it is out of their hands and up to his doctor to make those determinations at this point.

The office would like to be more specific, but that is all the information they said they have at this time.

On a side note- I don't know if he was suppose to go, but Dr. Jones attended the 9th annual educational seminar in Danbury, CT two days ago. He was seated at the end of the stage along with many volunteer advocates as they honored Pat Smith, President of the Lyme Disease Association, when she received a special Courage In Advocacy Award for her many years of service to the Lyme community. Attendees were very pleased to see Dr. Jones and from what I heard his sense of humor was still in tact!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Any further updates will be posted here.

Lucy Barnes



April 1, 2015

Update- Dr. Charles Ray Jones

I received a brief report today from Dr. Jones office. Currently there are only 2 staff members working. They are trying to "reschedule patients to the end of May or the beginning of June 2015". They said that is when Dr. Jones "is anticipating on returning to the office and seeing patients again" if all goes well.

They are also trying to go through all of the voice messages as well and there is a lot of work for them to do even though Dr. Jones isn't seeing patients right now. They mentioned they no longer have the answering service to help with the incoming calls.

They also reported some good news- "Dr. Jones is improving steadily".

They want me to thank everyone for their concerns and well wishes and said Dr. Jones "just has to follow his doctors orders and he'll be as good as new".

Personally, I have to laugh at that last comment. I've never thought of Dr. Jones as a "follow orders" kind of guy, which is perhaps why he is so successful at what he does to help all of the children.

I will post any future updates from Dr. Jones or the office staff here. Thank you for caring about Dr. Jones situation.

Lucy Barnes



March 10, 2015

Update- Dr. Charles R. Jones

Dr. Jones has some health concerns that need to be addressed. They stem from several falls he has taken recently. During the next few weeks (estimated 4-6 weeks) he will be poked, prodded and evaluated while staying busy working on getting stronger via medical care and rehab.

Regrettably, his office will have to be closed during this time. Previously scheduled appointments are being rescheduled as fast as his staff of angles can get to them, so please be patient. If you or your children would like to send a get well note to Dr. Jones, his address is:

Dr. Charles R. Jones

111 Park Street

Ground Floor

New Haven, CT 06511

I will post updates on this website as they become available.

Lucy Barnes


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