Update April 2014

Dr. Jones Update April 18, 2014

Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked to be kept posted on Dr. Jones' situation. I spoke with him this morning. On a positive note, the monitoring has ended! Dr. Jones continues to treat our children on a daily basis. He has been preparing for his upcoming cataract surgery, which is expected to improve his vision significantly.

On a more difficult note, the office is facing yet another serious financial shortfall this month. His cataracts have made it harder for him to complete the meticulous chart review that he typically does prior to seeing each of his patients; this has been tiring as well as time-consuming, and he had to schedule fewer appointments each day as a result. Dr. Jones told me that he needs to raise $10,000 immediately, to cover rent and other overhead.

For those of you who are able to help, please send your donations ASAP! Checks should be made out to Charles Ray Jones, MD and sent to his office address below.

We do not have an online payment option at this time, but will notify you if one becomes available. We are continuing to explore long term solutions with Dr. Jones.

Charles Ray Jones, MD

111 Park Street - 1st Floor

New Haven, CT 06511

(Please write “Gift” in the memo field)

Thank you!