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August 2013 Update

Supreme Court Ruling, Click HERE

August 2013 Letter from Dr. Jones

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Brief Summary- To our dismay, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the lower court.

The Good News- With your help Dr. Jones will continue treating the children he cares for so dearly.

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August 2013

Dear Friends,

First, I want to thank each and every one of you who responded to the very serious financial crisis that hit my office in January. Because of your tremendous support, you allowed me to meet the deadline I was facing with my landlord and other creditors.

I want to assure you, first and foremost, that I remain committed to keeping my doors open, and to treating children afflicted with tick borne diseases to the very best of my ability.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to witness the return to health of so many children who otherwise would not be able to receive treatment.

However, we have not been able to generate enough income to meet the overhead expenses of the office, despite cutbacks in staffing and other cost-cutting measures. There are several reasons for this:

    • Considerable clerical support is needed to meet the demands of the practice monitor, a requirement that will continue to be in effect for another year.

I am extremely grateful that a group of my colleagues has formed a fund to meet the very high fees of the monitor himself. Despite this, the demands generated by this requirement pose a fairly constant burden on myself and my staff.

    • In recent months, we have had an increasing number of cancellations from families who are experiencing serious financial hardship and simply cannot afford treatment.

When cancellations occur, the impact is especially hard on my practice, since appointments frequently include several siblings. I refuse to charge cancellation fees to these families, although my written policy states that one week notice must be given to avoid a cancellation fee.

    • Children new to my practice are presenting with even more severe and complicated courses of illness, requiring a highly complex level of patient care. Thorough evaluations, consults with colleagues and treatment plans require more of my time. As a solo practitioner, I find that I cannot squeeze enough of these complex patients into the course of one day to meet the costs of running the office.

A growing number of children are presenting with neuropsychiatric symptoms, such as psychosis and behavioral problems. Some have been responding to a combination of antibiotics and intravenous gamma globulin treatment (IVIG).

One of these patients is a little boy, who initially told me that he didn't want tomorrow to ever come, because with each day, his symptoms got worse and he felt terrible. But, during his most recent appointment, he said he had changed his mind and now is hopeful. His symptoms have been decreasing dramatically.

    • Lastly, I am facing several non-life threatening medical issues of my own which will require day surgery.

I have developed phlebitis in both legs which will require shunts. I also have a basal cell carcinoma which must be removed. Each of these conditions require time away from the office, yet come at a time when I cannot afford any loss in revenue.

In a nutshell, I am once again experiencing a financial crisis, and will require your continued support in order to keep my practice open.

I need to raise $40,000. This will enable me to pay the rent, salaries for my staff and costs associated with the monitor, as well as to meet other bills.

If you are in a position to help, donations can be made through this campaign site or checks may be sent to:

Dr. Charles Ray Jones

111 Park Street, 1st Floor

New Haven, CT 06511

(please write “gift” in the memo field, address check to Charles Ray Jones)

Thank you for your attention and support! In exchange for your help, I pledge to continue to do all that I can for our children with tick borne diseases!


Dr. Jones

Charles Ray Jones, M.D.


Charles Ray Jones, M.D.

Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine Lyme Disease

111 Park Street, First Floor

New Haven, CT 06511

Tel: (203) 772-1123

December 12, 2012

Dear Friends,

Season's Greetings to all! I am thankful to everyone who has been following my ongoing legal battle with the Connecticut Medical Examining Board (CMEB). I am grateful to you for your many expressions of concern for my well-being during what admittedly has been a difficult and draining process.

I had shared with you previously the excellent news that the Connecticut Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of the first set of charges against me. This hearing is now expected to be scheduled just after the holidays. A victory will be extremely important not only for me, but also for other LLMD's, because it would establish a highly significant precedent, requiring a higher burden of proof in order to prosecute physicians who are brought before their medical boards. In my case, it also could positively affect the outcome of the remaining set of charges that were brought against me. I am extremely grateful to my attorney, Elliott Pollack, for his highly skilled legal representation, and to the Connecticut Supreme Court for agreeing to hear my appeal.

Despite this positive news, I must admit that the legal proceedings, stretching as they have over the past 7 years, have taken a huge toll on my office. In addition to the high cost of the legal defense itself, the monitoring requirement established by the CMEB (monthly visits from a practice monitor for a period of 4 years) has been extremely time-consuming and expensive. Numerous patient charts must be prepared for each visit, requiring hours of clerical time. My staff, already working hard to meet the high demands of our busy practice, has had to rise to the additional challenge of preparing these charts for each visit, sometimes necessitating that they work overtime to complete them. The average combined cost for the monitor and associated clerical work has been approximately $6,000 per month.

Many of you have reached out to assist me with these staggering financial costs. While I have been extremely grateful for your caring and assistance, the additional burden that this poses to friends, patients and colleagues troubles me greatly.

Your repeated words of encouragement and reassurance have convinced me to persist - along with my grave concern that, should the CMEB prevail, conditions for other LLMD's could become ever more difficult. I am encouraged too by the thousands of children who have been able to receive effective treatment for their tickborne illness, as a result of astute legal representation which has allowed me to continue to practice over these past 7 years.

With all of this in mind, I must yet again reach out to you. My legal defense fund is depleted and my account is in arrears; the current balance due exceeds $100,000. While this figure is staggering, it is unfortunately consistent with the costs associated with a legal battle which has been as extensive as mine. Preparation for the Supreme Court appeal has been complex, and legal fees will continue to mount when we appear before them for the hearing. Pullman & Comley has been flexible and accommodating, but the growing, unpaid balance is in violation of their policy in these matters, and my legal representation will be in jeopardy once again if a significant paydown is not forthcoming very soon.

For those of you who so kindly send holiday gifts my way, I ask that you make a donation to my legal defense fund instead. No gift would please me more and no amount is too small! If any of you have creative ideas for fundraising, I encourage you to act now! The need for donations is urgent! Instructions for donations are listed below.

In the past, the sheer volume of donations has made a strong impression on Pullman & Comley, and it is important to demonstrate that the Lyme Community continues to care about the charges I am fighting. For a summary and background of these issues, please go to www.drjoneskids.com

With warmest wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season,

Dr. Jones

To Donate to Dr. Jones Legal Defense Fund:

Please make donations payable to:

"Pullman & Comley Trust Account for Dr. Charles Jones"

(Note “gift in the memo field – THANK YOU!!!)

Please mail to:

Elliott B. Pollack, Esquire

c/o Pullman & Comley, LLC

90 State House Square

Hartford, CT 06103-3702