Letter to the Editor

Lucy Barnes

To the Hartford Advocate (CT)

July 14, 2010

Dear Editor,

Dr. Charles Ray Jones Is Facing Criticism For His Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease, by Betsy Yagla, was not only balanced, it was well researched and well written. This topic is a top priority considering CT had to recently pass a law to protect doctors treating Lyme patients from unmerciful attacks by a handful of people on a five year tax-payer funded witch hunt.

Thanks to the Hartford Advocate, the public can now see what the CT Department of Public Health (backed by the Governor), the Medical Advisory Board (Galvin) and members of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) are doing to prevent people with Lyme from receiving life-saving treatment for a disease that can cause chronic illness, disability and even death when not diagnosed and treated promptly and properly.

Rep. Jason Bartlett states what is happening to Dr. Jones is pure "harassment". He refers to the repeated sanctions by the CT DPH as "garbage" and "ridiculous". Many agree.

It is time for the DPH to stop supporting an organization (IDSA) that was found by the CT Attorney General to have developed their Lyme treatment guidelines in a corrupt manner. It is time to stop prosecuting a wonderful doctor whose only crime is making children better.

It is time for Dr.’s Lawrence Zemel (testimony thrown out due to extreme bias), Eugene Shapiro and Peter Krause, who all testified for the DPH against Dr. Jones, to stop recommending that doctors not treat chronically ill Lyme patients with antibiotics for a bacterial infection and viciously going after them when they do.

Lucy Barnes

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