July 2014 Update

Charles Ray Jones, MD

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July 28, 2014

Thank you for your financial support enabling me to successfully treat your children and grandchildren. I thought that the financial crisis that I’ve had since December 2013 had ended as a result of your support.

Unfortunately, another financial crisis has arisen. Three weeks ago, one of my staff had to abruptly leave her position at my office. Her doing so was sudden and devastating as I now have only two medical assistants/phlebotomists to carry on all aspects of the practice instead of three.

As a result of her leaving, we could not see the number of patients necessary to generate an income to support a full time practice. In order to obtain sufficient funds to keep the practice financially solid, it is necessary for me to see six to eight patients per day. We can now only see three to four as the result of only having two nurses on staff.

This has created a tremendous financial void. I am unable to meet payroll on July 31, 2014 and fulfill other business expenses. In fact, $50,000 is needed by 8/1/2014! Part of that money will be used to obtain a new medical assistant/phlebotomist. We have a waiting list of over 80 new patients waiting to be seen. Once the office is once again in homeostasis, that waiting list will no longer exist and the patients will all be seen in a prompt fashion once again.

I regret having to request more financial support, but it is necessary and urgent! Please send what you can to help me out from the current financial crisis! I want to be able to continue to heal the children.

Please use the www.DrJonesKids.com website to make PayPal donations. If a check is easier for you, please mail the check to Dr. Jones’ office and write ‘Gift’ in the memo section.

With warmest regards,

Charles Ray Jones, MD

Paypal donation button coming soon. In the meantime, if you have a paypal account, you can use Paypal's 'Send money to friends and family.' Please use Dr. Jones email address: drjones2@comcast.net

If you have questions please email helpDrJones@yahoo.com Thank you!

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