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Community comes together to help Dr. Jones (Photos)

Community comes together to help Dr. Jones

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Dr. Charles Ray Jones is a clinician who has helped thousands of the most severely ill children with Lyme and tick-borne diseases from around the world to seek treatment to regain their health and their lives. He is most frequently described by parents as an "angel", and people worldwide call him a "hero", a dedicated doctor who will not allow a child to suffer if he can do anything about it.

Since 2005, Dr. Jones, of New Haven, CT, has been persecuted by the Connecticut Department of Health and supporters of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) for treating his young patients. In 2005, charges were brought against him that he has had to fight in order to keep his doors open. None of the charges involve any injury or even the slightest harm to any child under his care. Many of his supporters say his prosecution is without merit.

Many LLMDs face harsh criticism by their state medical boards for the way they treat their patients with Lyme Disease. Many people as well as parents who have brought their children to see Dr. Jones call him an international treasure- a courageous, selfless, inspirational, and outstandingly gifted. Dr. Jones and many other tick-borne disease specialists base their diagnoses on test results, history, and symptoms, because the tests don’t always detect all of the Babesia strains and patients with suppressed immune systems don’t always test positive.

Just this week the news spread throughout the Lyme community that Dr. Jones was in a very serious financial crisis and due to the loss of revenue caused by Hurricane Sandy, approximately $36,000 dollars, his office has been unable to come up with thousands of dollars to recover financially.

Almost immediately, people were posting and sharing this devastating news. The Children's Lyme Disease Network started an online fund raising campaign via Ingiegogo. The response from friends and strangers have been overwhelming. In just two days from starting the online campaign, almost $15,000 was raised.

In response to the generous support from the community, Dr. Jones responded via social media by making a heartfelt "Thank You" video to all his supporters.

Donations are being taken online or by mailing a check.

For online donations:

Payments using a check can be sent to:

Charles Ray Jones, M.D.

111 Park Street, 1st Floor

New Haven, CT 06511

(please write “gift” in the memo field)

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