Update Dec 2011

Dr. Jones Legal Case

Headed To The Supreme Court!

December 8, 2011- The Connecticut Supreme Court agreed to hear a key aspect of Dr. Jones' appeal related to the first set of charges against him regarding the two children in Nevada. His attorney asked the Supreme Court to review whether the matter of bias on the part of the hearing panelist, Dr. Senechal, was properly decided by the lower courts.

Dr. Jones and his attorney are also asking whether the Department of Public Health should have been required to prove its case before the Connecticut Medical Examining Board (CMEB) by a "clear and convincing standard of evidence" instead of by the "preponderance of evidence", a weaker standard. The outcome of this appeal could set an important precedent for all physicians, as it challenges the standard of proof required in medical board disciplinary proceedings.

This is another victory for Dr. Jones and his legal team, as only about 9% of these requests are granted by the Connecticut Supreme Court.

The next step involves the writing of the legal brief, which is expected to be challenged by the Connecticut Department of Health, followed by the presentation of the respective oral arguments.

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