Dr. Jones Updates- June 2017


June 24, 2017- I was told by a concerned parent today that Dr. Jones "fell" this morning. His appointments were cancelled for the day. When the appointment was cancelled the father who alerted me was told "help was on the way" for Dr. Jones at that time. I've contacted the office and will post updates here on his condition and any other notices the office wants shared once I hear back. Please keep Dr. Jones, his staff and all of his kids in your prayers. Thank you!

June 24, 2017- Thankfully, I received word (3rd hand) that "Dr. Jones is fine". No other details. However, those who know Dr. Jones may agree that he would probably say he is "fine" if he'd been bull dozed over 22 times and was dropped 50 miles out into the ocean with no life jacket. ~smile~

Will continue to try to find out more- like how he really is (for now assuming he is good), if he needs anything, and if patients should come to scheduled appointments next week. Will post what I learn, if anything more, right here. Till then, please carry on and have a good weekend. And thanks for all the well wishes. The messages I've received will be passed along.

July 3, 2017- No additional news so far from the office or his family. Heard some rumors, need to be verified.

July 5th, 2017- Got word Dr. Jones did spend a few days in the hospital, but is out and seeing patients. Bless his heart.

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