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Autism, Lyme & Associated Diseases

July 2017-  A growing body of research and clinical experiences point to the possibility some children diagnosed with autism also have Lyme and tick borne diseases.  As with all other aspects of Lyme disease (there is an ongoing, decades-long war and controversy), some people still insist that is not possible.  Important points to consider...

The standard tests for Lyme disease have been proven to miss 74.9% of those who have the infection.  Additionally, a diagnosis of Lyme disease based only on negative test results has caused misdiagnosis, chronic illness, disability and deaths world wide. 

A large percentage of medical doctors are not trained in, nor do they have clinical experience with diagnosing and treating Lyme and tick borne disease patients.  They typically will not consider the diagnosis at all, even when parents are sincerely concerned about the possibility.  For them to pursue a possible Lyme disease diagnosis after a child has been diagnosed with autism (or any other illness or condition) would question the practitioners medical skills/ability and open them up to legal actions if a different cause for a child's symptoms were to be discovered.

Lyme disease research funding has been severely limited.  Those who have been awarded grants (a small, tight-knit group- many with financial interests in the outcomes) are the same ones who have been wrong about Lyme disease so many times that it appears their current goals are to continue to produce the same studies with the same bogus conclusions based on the same old flawed tests that will support their own original mistakes.  See- How Wrong Can They Be?

A child can be exposed when Lyme disease is unknowingly passed down by the mother to the unborn child, and possibly during breast feeding.  See- Pregnancy & Lyme  and Sexual Transmission

Left undiagnosed or inadequately treated, Lyme disease can negatively affect every organ and system in the body.  The individual symptoms that appear will then have the potential to be misdiagnosed, one after the other, and the root cause for the growing number of problems may never be discovered.  See- Lyme Misdiagnosed As...

Parents of autistic children may want to consider getting a second opinion with an experienced Lyme treating health care professional using the best tools (tests) available.  See-  

Children with autism can also develop other conditions that are unrelated to autism and they are just as likely to be exposed to tiny ticks as children without autism.   

The abstracts, articles and information below are offered for your educational purposes.

QUOTE- "The children were treated with antibiotics and their scores on the ATEC improved. Anecdotal data indicated that some of the children achieved previously unattained developmental milestones after antibiotic therapy began. Protein bands OSP-A and/or OSP-B (Western Blot band 31) and (Western Blot band 34) were found in 44 of 48 patients. These two bands are so specific to Borrelia burgdorferi that they were targeted for use in vaccine trials, yet are not included in the IDSA interpretation of the Western Blot."
Divergent opinions of proper Lyme disease diagnosis and implications for children co-morbid with autism spectrum disorder. Kuhn M1, Bransfield R2. Link Here

QUESTION-  Could the authors below be reporting the following results because the tests they used, that miss 74.9% of people with Lyme disease, are not accurate enough to detect Lyme?

QUOTE- "In this study, antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi were assessed in autistic (n = 104), developmentally delayed (n = 24), and healthy control (n = 55) children. No seropositivity against Borrelia burgdorferi was detected in the children with and without autism. There was no evidence of an association between Lyme disease and autism."
Lack of serum antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi in children with autism. Burbelo PD1, Swedo SE, Thurm A, Bayat A, Levin AE, Marques A, Iadarola MJ. Link Here

Additional Information

Gestational Lyme Disease Case Studies of 102 Live BirthsPercentage of children with the following symptoms from gestational Lyme- Autism 9%.  Dr. Charles R. Jones, et. al.

Tick-Borne Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder- from the Peer-Reviewed Evidence of Persistence of Lyme Disease Spirochete (700 plus citations)- John D. Scott.  Section on Autism compiled by Dr. Robert Bransfield.

Autism and Lyme Disease By Dr. Robert C. Bransfield

The Lyme-Autism Connection- Book Forward- By Dr. Robert C. Bransfield

Evidence Mounts Implicating Lyme Role In Autism- Lyme Induced Autism Foundation 

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