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Dr. Charles R. Jones- Update & What You Can Do

September 12, 2020

1. As some may know, Dr. Jones was in the hospital and was due for release several days ago. However, there were some concerns and it was reported he may stay a while longer, or be sent to rehab or other such facility, depending on his condition and progress.

2. From what I understand, Dr. Jones needs are being taken care of by some of his/our friends. I have not heard about him being in need of anything at this time. This, of course, may change at some point.

3. Since we don’t know exactly where he will be in the near future, may I suggest writing a note or a get well type card and sending it to his office address. They can then be taken to his current location.

Dr. Jones has always loved hearing from his patients & their parents, and with the limited visitation due to Covid-19, this is possibly the best way to keep in touch and to make sure he knows we care.

Here is his office address.

Dr. Charles Ray Jones

111 Park Street Ground Floor

New Haven, CT 06511

Thank you for your concern and attention.

Lucy Barnes

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What Do We Know About Lyme Disease?

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Lyme symptoms remaining after treatment

Can be related to an active Lyme infection!

We know...

1. Tests are still missing 74.9% of Lyme disease cases. Independent researchers continue to try to develop better tests due to the high failure rate of the standard tests that are often promoted by patent holders and insurance companies.

2. People can acquire multiple infections when bitten by ticks.

3. Most tick borne diseases can lead to chronic illness, disability and death.

4. There are no studies proving Lyme disease can be cured with 2-3 weeks of one antibiotic and many studies proving it can not be.

5. Lyme disease is not “easy to diagnose and easy to cure”. When someone remains ill after treatment or relapses it is not due to a “post-Lyme syndrome” or “MUS” (multiple unexplained symptoms) or because they were originally misdiagnosed. It is because they still have an active infection and require additional treatment.

6. Researchers worldwide continue searching for safe treatments able kill the various forms of Lyme spirochetes that remain after short term antibiotic Lyme treatment.

7. Too many uninformed doctors are still following 12 year old treatment guidelines (2006 IDSA), which excludes the majority of new scientific evidence.

8. Authors of 2006 IDSA guidelines have been investigated by the Attorney General of CT and were shown to have conflicts of interest and ties to patents, insurance and drug companies, yet the authors continue to fight to keep them in use.

9. Those who are responsible for and who have promoted the failed Lyme tests, failed Lyme vaccine and failed treatment guidelines can not admit they were wrong or admit to having conflicts of interest without fear of individual and class action law suits. As a result they continue insisting all is well while millions suffer.

10. If things were going well in the world of Lyme disease there wouldn't be so many chronically ill & disabled patients, so many people world wide speaking out and so many trying to find a better solution.

*Be sure to check with your doctor if you have concerns about your child's health!*

Previous Fund Raiser- *The DrJonesKids website and all volunteers associated with it, or this effort to help him, are NOT part of a 501(C)3 organization. All donations for Dr. Jones, made through this site's PayPal account, a credit card, or by US postal mail, are sent to him directly and are considered charitable "gifts". Dr. Jones and his angles in the office thank you so much for the gifts they receive! The children who are helped by way of your donated gifts, well, that's priceless.

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Last Updated- September 2020

Lucy Barnes