Dr. Charles Ray Jones


Dr. Jones is most frequently described by parents as an "angel", however, he is known world wide as a true hero and an extremely dedicated doctor who will not allow a child to suffer if he can do anything about it.  He and his wonderful staff have helped countless children with Lyme and tick borne diseases live a much better life. We are truly blessed to have him helping our children.  Thank you Dr. Jones!   


Dr. Jones & Kids With Lyme Disease 
 Need Your Help!

As many know, Dr. Jones is the target of a "witch-hunt" involving the Connecticut Department of Health and a handful of supporters of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).  

There have been charges brought against him that he has had to fight in order to keep his doors open for the children.  None of the charges involve any injury or even the slightest harm to any child under his care.  In fact, he is being prosecuted for making children better!  

If you can help Dr. Jones in any way, you will be part of an effort to assure that many very sick children will continue to have access to the most dedicated and experienced physician in the field of Lyme and tick borne diseases.  You will also have the heart-felt thanks of the children, their parents, Dr. Jones and his dedicated staff.  


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