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Brief Update May 4, 2010- Dr. Jones is still treating children but is unable to locate a board certified pediatric specialist to monitor his practice. The chosen monitor would have to check Dr. Jones practice monthly, review 12 charts each visit and submit reports for a total of 4 years - a difficult task to accomplish for anyone who has an active practice treating children. Dr. Jones attorney notified officials and the CT Medical Examining Board of the situation and has deferred the outcome of this situation to them. The CT Medical Examining Board members are scheduled to meet in a couple of weeks. Please keep Dr. Jones, his staff and his children in your thoughts.


Dr. Jones Update- April 16, 2010

Dear Lyme Community,

YOU DID IT, everyone, you did it!

Please give yourself a pat on the back because it is certainly deserved!

April 15 was not just tax day - it was the deadline for paying the $10,000.00 fine imposed on Dr. Jones for making children better. Thanks to your donations the goal was reached and the money was placed in an escrow account, pending the outcome of an appeal. Dr. Jones can now continue to care for the children and will not be further punished for not paying the fine! Dr. Jones said he is truly humbled by the generosity you have shown to date and his spirits have been greatly lifted by your kindness.

He also wants you to know how meaningful your support is to the families of the children. You are making it possible for him to continue to care for sick children and still fight the charges. Everyday Dr. Jones and his dedicated staff see families who are grateful because they get their children back and know they are healthy once again. We all know there is no greater gift and Dr. Jones fully intends to keep treating as many children as possible to make this happen, thanks to your support!

We also want to thank everyone who has contacted Governor Rell's office to let them know how important it is for Dr. Jones to be able to continue to practice without being harassed. Unfortunately, and in spite of all the efforts we've made, the Governor is not willing to investigate the situation and continues to leave it in the hands of the Department of Public Health and Commissioner Galvin.

You may remember from nearly 100 pieces of testimony submitted in favor of HB 6200 (the 2009 CT Physician Protection Bill), only Galvin and one infectious disease doctor opposed the bill in written public testimony. Since that time Galvin has allowed the prosecution of Dr. Jones to continue, even after a law was passed and signed by the Governor to address this kind of egregious action. At this time if you would like to continue to contact the Governor, please do. We will not stop efforts to make things right for Dr. Jones and more announcements with actions to take will be forthcoming.

The deadline for locating a monitor was also April 15, 2010. Even though efforts to locate one were intense and ongoing, no monitor was selected. The legal team filed for an extension on this matter and Dr. Jones will be required to continue to search for an appropriate person to take the job, if one can be found.

Lyme Rights would like to remind everyone that donations will still be needed to cover the fees generated by Dr. Jones’ excellent legal team (see link below). There will be future updates on the status of the case and announcements will be sent to all with additional efforts that can be made on Dr. Jones behalf.

In great appreciation for all your support,

Lyme Rights


Dr. Jones Update- Monday, April 5, 2010 Dr. Charles R. Jones is facing an immediate and overwhelming financial burden due to fines and costly sanctions placed on him by the Connecticut Medical Examining Board. What we are sadly witnessing is the persecution of a Lyme-treating doctor for his successful approach in fighting this complex and controversial disease that very few in the medical field will adequately address. FROM THE OFFICE OF DR. JONES AND HIS DEDICATED STAFF- We extend a special thank you to all and want you to know we continue to do all we can to be here for you and the children. Dr. Jones has been fighting very hard to keep going. Now he needs your support, each and everyone of you! If you could take one minute every day to help him we would be grateful! UPDATE FROM GOVERNOR’S OFFICE- The Governor's office stated today that Dr. Charles Ray Jones situation isn't something the Governor "typically" looks into, however, with your continuing efforts we may be able to encourage her to take a closer look at the repeated targeting and prosecution of Dr. Jones. It’s up to you to make this happen! ONGOING ACTIONS- Please continue contacting Governor Rell every day until she takes steps to stop the ongoing actions against Dr. Jones. Parents and children who are visiting Dr. Jones office are writing notes and drawing pictures to encourage the Governor to help them. They need your help. Contact information for Governor M. Jodi Rell: Phone Toll-Free: 1-800-406-1527 Email Send mail to- Governor M. Jodi Rell Executive Office of the Governor State Capitol 210 Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut 06106 NEW ACTIONS- LET THE MEDIA KNOW! Please contact a Connecticut newspaper (Letter to the Editor) with your concerns about Lyme disease and the continuing targeting of Dr. Jones. Remember many papers have word limits (200 or less) and you must send original letters. CT Residents- to find a newspaper in your area, see the link below. If you live outside of Connecticut please contact one of the following papers. NEW HAVEN REGISTER- CONNECTICUT POST- GREENWICH TIMES- DANBURY NEWS TIMES- HARTFORT COURANT- Submit your letter on this form:,0,2338372.customform For information and facts concerning Dr. Jones situation: HOW TO DONATE TO THE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND: There is no doubt Lyme Disease has drained us financially. Many of us have had to refinance homes, exhaust college and retirement funds and borrow from family and friends. It is with sensitivity to this reality that we are asking you to join us in contributing to this effort in what ever way you can. The deadline for paying the $10,000.00 fine is approaching fast (April 15, 2010) and there are mounting legal fees that need to be paid to keep Dr. Jones legal defense intact. To donate- write “Penalty or Gift” in the memo field of your checks. Payable to: Pullman & Comley Trust Account-for Dr. Charles Jones Mail to: Elliott B. Pollack, Esquire c/o Pullman & Comley, LLC 90 State House Square Hartford, CT 06103-3702 PayPal instructions are posted here: Please share this information with others and continue to let the Governor know how important Dr. Jones is to you. Keep up the good work! For updates, actions and information please go to


DR. JONES- April 1, 2010

What Started in CT, Stops in CT!

The harassment and persecution of Dr. Charles R. Jones must stop now!

The Department of Public Health is using tax-payer’s money for an unprecedented five year long witch hunt against the world’s most successful Lyme treating pediatrician, for making children better! Enough is enough!

Governor Rell must take charge and sanction the Department of Public Health and the Medical Examining Board for their egregious behavior in order to end this ongoing harassment that affects all Lyme patients and their doctors.

Our mission is to tell Governor Rell, EVERY DAY, that this is totally unacceptable.

No more interference in our treatment, no more monitors, no more fines, no more prosecutions, no more wasting tax-payers money and no more using loop holes in the CT physician protection law to carry out an agenda that sets detrimental precedent for all Lyme treating physicians.

We will continue on this course of action as long as Governor Rell allows these injustices to continue.

Starting April 1, 2010 we are asking everyone (all states) to start contacting Governor Rell, and contacting her every day.

Call or email, it’s your choice. Just do it every day! We will not stop until our right to be treated is no longer threatened.

Governor M. Jodi Rell Phone Toll-Free: 800-406-1527


Sample Letter-

Dear Governor Rell,

Five years of ongoing harassment and prosecution of a doctor who is making children better is enough! Stop wasting taxpayer’s money, stop the excessive fines, stop the monitoring and stop your Department of Public Health and the Medical Examining Board from interfering with Dr. Charles R. Jones and our right to be treated.

Thank you,

Your name and address

Sample Telephone Blurb- I am calling concerning the ongoing persecution of Dr. Jones. We need Dr. Jones to be able to treat children and to not be sanctioned and punished for making children better.

[Then tell them YOUR story about Lyme disease. Do not mention your doctor’s name or specific protocols.]

Call or email the office every day until we have justice for Dr. Jones!

For more information

We will send out weekly updates to inform you of the progress being made and additional actions.

Thank you!

Lyme Rights