Ross Cottom Lanes (IL)

"Chris, we are off to another great start this year! Now that we are in our 6th year of running this program, it's at the point where consumers in our market are actually on the lookout for the coupons every Spring. Also, the merchants in our area are anxious to participate - amazing. Use me in your testimonials all you want, I will tell any center that will listen how BMA knows what they are doing."

- Doug Cottom, Owner

Daffodil Bowl (WA)

"I would love to express a glowing recommendation for Chris Swanson at BMA. Several years ago I took a chance on his marketing strategies and it paid off. I think our first return on investment was over 800%. I have been doing business with him ever since. Thank you Mr. Chris Swanson"

- Chuck Linn, Owner

Plainfield Lanes (IL)

"Chris, Kudos to how organized you have this. Really make it easy for me."

- Jon Dow, Owner

Maple Lanes (WI)

"At Maple Lanes in Sheboygan, Wis., we have used BMA's free-coupon program for several years, and each time it has brought in hundreds of new people to our center. We also get excellent added sales from shoe rentals, food, snacks, and beverages, plus the program gives new people a chance to see all that our center offers. A great program."

- Ron Sonntag, Owner

Ross Cottom Lanes (IL)

"Good morning Chris, here is the final spreadsheet for the merchant coupons:1,825 coupons, 7 birthday, 3 company parties for a total of $16,800 from just the first visit. We want to start the discussion on when to start he next campaign - love the results."

- Doug Cottom, Owner

Daffodil Bowl (WA)

"Hey Chris, just delivered a good speech on your behalf at our latest WSBPA meeting sharing about how your Merchant Coupons fill our lanes each year. I look forward to more Washington state bowling centers calling you!"

- Chuck Lynn, Owner

Boston Bowl (MA)

"I just hung up the phone with a mom who booked her daughter’s party in 5 weeks from now. As always, I asked how she was referred to booking a party with us and she told me that our follow up emails (automatically sent by the BMA Email Service) put our center on her radar screen! She also laughed about the fact that our email messages recently suggested that she book her OWN party here to celebrate her birthday. Good stuff!"

- Rob Feeley, Marketing Manager

Salem Bowl (IL)

"Chris' main objective is to help his clients develop and create profitable marketing plans using merchant coupons, customer data mining, and corporate party Have-A-Ball programs. Chris and the team at BMA go above and beyond to provide excellent communication to ensure that each campaign is successful and profitable to the bowling center. Working with Chris has helped me maintain focus on marketing the center on the Web, with coupons, and with an automatic email+rewards system."

- Steve Ludwig, Owner

Pinz Bowling Center (CA)

"Chris does an amazing job. I've worked with him professionally for about 8 years and would highly recommend him and his company. He knows his business and always takes the time to learn mine."

- Scott Frager, General Manager

Crest Bowl (MO)

(from LinkedIn.com) "Chris executed a grass-roots Merchant Coupon marketing campaign for Crest Bowl in Florissant, Missouri. He under promised and over delivered in a big way. His ability to drive traffic through his proven strategies resulted in increased business during the Summer months for us. Dealing with Chris on the phone is something I always look forward to. He wants to help his customers achieve success. I never felt like he was selling me anything, yet instead caring about my business. I highly recommend anyone set the time aside to speak with Chris to see if there is a fit for your company. If nothing else, you networked with someone personable and reliable." Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

- Mike Flanagan, General Manager

Stardust Marketing (WA)

"I highly recommend Chris' program. It has many great features, but one of the most important items is BMA's ongoing follow-up with the Merchant Partners and tracking of the redeemed coupons which includes data entry. The ROI on the program is phenomenal. We are utilizing the program at North Bowl in Spokane, WA and Pinz in Studio City, CA. I am planning on using BMA in my upcoming projects."

- Max Cook, Consultant

Classic Lanes (MI)

(from LinkedIn.com) "Chris is easy to work with. I am very satisfied with BMA's Merchant Coupon Program that I have used twice a year since 2009." Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

- Jim Selke, Owner

Cotton Bowl Lanes (MS)

(from LinkedIn) "Chris is very knowledgeable in his field. He was responsive and thorough." Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

- Tommy Hart, Owner

Flamingo Bowl (TX)

"I am glad we chose to do this promotion with Chris and his team at BMA Marketing. Everything was set up rapidly and smoothly. The Merchant Coupons keep coming in (over 2995 so far) and this is probably one of the best promotions we have ever had!"

- Bryan Senker, Owner

Arlington Lanes (IL)

"The Merchant Coupon Program seems promising so far and I do applaud your thoroughness on it from the start."

- Mark Ranallo, Owner

Beach Bowl (FL)

"BMA's work with us at Beach Bowl has been professional and generated a lot of new business. They have been a great help in getting our name out to the public - the Merchant Coupon Program works! I would recommend BMA's coupons to any Owner/Manager who wants more business and realizes they need to get their offer promoted outside of the center to develop new customers. Thank you BMA for helping us create partnerships with our local merchants so that we can all prosper!"

- Tom Yamamoto, Manager

Eastland Lanes (OH)

"We're getting a wide redemption from a lot of places. Generally speaking, this (Merchant Coupon Program) is a well executed promo."

- Rich Fritz, Owner

Shelby Lanes, Van Dyke Bowl (MI)

(from Linkedin.com) "Chris, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you and your Merchant Coupon service. You always go above and beyond any other marketing service and I feel that you truly want to help us succeed with your program. The phone recordings have really shown that we need to focus much stronger on that area with our employees. We are now using this program as much as a training tool as we are a promotion to get new customers in the door. Again, thanks for your help with everything!"

- Patrick Kline, Owner

Ross Cottom Lanes (IL)

(from Linkedin.com) "The whole experience with Chris has been top notch from start to finish on all projects...bowling center proprietors would be light years ahead of the game if they engage the services of Chris Swanson and BMA Marketing."

- Doug Cottom, Owner

Super Bowl Entertainment Centers (TX)

"Super Bowl Entertainment centers use BMA's Merchant Coupons even in centers where we have developed a strong Sales staff. Chris Swanson goes on my list as one of this GENERATIONs' leading professionals WHO make a real difference to operators of Facilities that include Bowling and other reasons for choosing a particular location to meet recreation, entertainment, leisure time, business meeting needs."

- Randy Isenberg, CEO

Hi-Way Lanes (IN)

"Chris – I just got off the phone from a lady who has entertainment centers outside NYC and I gave you and your Merchant Coupon Program a glowing recommendation. Also, I talked to Don Stetler (Brunswick) about a month ago and told him and one of his GM’s (Jeremy M) from a MN center to call you...I told them you drove traffic! All the Best, Tom"

- Tom Funk, Owner

Beach Bowl (FL)

"We were able to fill lanes on a slow Summer night with 10 people from our first bowling party that we offered to our 24 Merchant Coupon Partners. We did about $430 in F&B and added them to our holiday party prospect list. Thank you!"

- Tom Yamamoto, Manager

Silver Strike Lanes (NV)

"We've enjoyed the new customers we’ are acquiring in using this campaign. We reached our goal of getting folks either back in the center or those that have never been here before. After doing so, those that stopped coming here were pleasantly surprised at how nice and clean the place looks now. Thanks and I'll keep counting them (current count is 2581) until they expire. We were thrilled to get such a nice database of clients considering we walked into previous management having no database at all. "

- Diana Shaffer, Owner

West Park Lanes (MO)

"This has been really good for us…shoe rental is up, bowling is up…and we were able to increase our prices at the same time the program drove in 2,266 new bowler visits. We are averaging over $7 per visit and are interested in running this program again right after our current coupon set expires."

- Darryl James, Manager

Emerson Lanes (WV)

"We have just counted our Merchant Coupon Program coupons and as of today (at the 90 day mark), we have received 1361 coupons with the average user spending around $8.50 each visit. In addition to the revenue from shoes, paid games and F&B, we had 39 Birthday Party sales that used the coupon’s 10% OFF offer."

- John Fazio, GM

The Sports Arena (ME)

"In the first 15 days we had 117 Merchant Coupon Program visitors. 28 of them provided their email address and will now get our offers by email every month all year long so that we can increase the number of times they bowl with us."

- Len Cole, Owner

Seneca Bowl (KS)

"I am really very impressed with your company's (Merchant Coupon Program) professionalism. There's not very many people you can deal with anymore that conduct business like you do. It's been fun dealing with you and we will be back."

- Derek Frazier, Owner

Rebelanes (MS)

"We have received over 14,800 (Merchant Coupon Program) coupons generating sales in excess of $148,000! The average sale is $9.68 per coupon. We find that generally each coupon generates 3 games of bowling (which would be the 1st free and then they pay for 2) and 1 shoe rental sale. This was the most successful thing we have done in years. It was FANTASTIC.The market went nuts. It made our Summer. It was gangbusters here."

- Kevin Hartigan, Owner

Rainbow Lanes (NC)

"Update, we hit 3,288 (Merchant Coupon Program) coupons!"

- Pondra Byrd, Owner

Great Lakes Bowling Centers (MI)

"I am pleased with the overall turn out and bowlers floored from the Get Acquainted Parties . Based on this, we may ask for your assistance at another location soon."

- Rich Glomb, GM

Fairlanes Bowl (MI)

"We started the 2nd club (built from Get Acquainted Party Program attendees who joined a 4x$10) last night and had 14 FULL TEAMS, yeah!!!!! I think my staff did a wonderful job building this program. They even decided to bowl on the league to help a team that just had 2 people and were going to leave last night! We also have a possible 2 more teams for next week...our Assistant Manager talked to some of the open bowlers last night and convinced (hopefully) them to join next week. I feel the program was a success! Thank you!"

- Aileen, Manager

Rainbow Lanes (NC)

"We're getting (Merchant Coupon Program) coupons back on a daily basis...so far, about 300 redeemed, in the first 15 days! (Ed. - If average spent per coupon on shoes + paid game + food is $10, ROI is 300 x $10 = $3000). We have also followed up with the merchants and sent a thank-you letter out today, which included an invitation to a "MERCHANT APPRECIATION NIGHT". We plan to feed & entertain those who show up..Will also give us a chance to show them what we have to offer...Thanks - we're pleased with the program and feel that with your follow-up as well as ours...we expect nothing but great things from the program!"

- Pondra Byrd, Owner

Leda Lanes (NH)

"This (Merchant Coupon Program) was a great promotion and I did see a lot of new faces. The information gathered is helpful to target potential bowling customers. I look forward to running this promotion again next summer."

- Sean, Owner

Manatee Lanes (FL)

"We have just counted our (Merchant Coupon Program) coupons and as of today (at the 30 day mark), we have received 566 coupons. Many are new people, some are our regular customers...the coupons are popular! We are building a (new league bowler) database from the coupons."

- Marion, Owner

Rebelanes (MS)

"We have received 384 coupons (in the first 30 days) generating total sales of $3717! (site admin's note: the Merchant Coupon Program's standard formula predicts a doubling of coupons for days 31 to 60, and then a repeat of the first 30 days' count for days 61 to 90 - this formula predicts 1536 coupons after 90 days). The average sale is $9.68 per coupon. We find that generally each coupon generates 3 games of bowling (which would be the 1st free and then they pay for 2) and 1 shoe rental sale. We are quite satisfied with the program."

- Kevin, Owner

Bo's Family Entertainment (NC)

"We had 55 join our Have-A-Ball program after the Get Acquainted Parties and we then netted 10 league bowlers for our Fall leagues!"

- Andy, GM

Stars And Strikes (GA)

"We wanted to thank you for a job well done (Get Acquainted Party Program). Tonight was the first night of the league, and we are happy to say we had 14 teams attend...56 new bowlers. It is very nice to see a goal like this achieved. We are looking forward to the next steps with the sales function."

- Chris Albano, Managing Partner

Hi-Way Lanes (IN)

"We are running .99 cent bowling along with $3.25 shoes, so we think that the average spend including F&B per redeemed coupon from the Merchant Coupon Program is between $7-8 per person. It is a very good promo!"

- Tom Funk, Owner

Sports Arena (ME)

"The (Merchant Coupon Program) coupons are rolling in now! The average spend is more like $15-$20 per coupon visit. Looks like it is really working."

- Len Cole, Owner

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