Call Tracking

Track calls, measure ROI, review staff phone skills

Each coupon campaigns includes a custom toll-free 888 phone number to track phone calls generated from each coupon campaign. BMA is able to provide not just the "information" about the call including call date, length and CallerID, but we actually provide phone call audio recordings as a part of your Merchant Coupon no extra cost.

Benefits and features...

- The recordings are 100% legal since the caller hears a "thank you for calling, this call may be recorded for quality control" at the start of the call before the call is connected to the center.

- In addition to counting the coupons that are brought into the center, I can think of no better way to measure real ROI from the coupons then being able to review the longer phone calls and instantly identify new business being generated like Company Outing and Birthday Party leads and sales coming in over the coupon's toll-free number.

- The recordings also offer Managers and Owners instant insight into who their strongest and weakest front line staff are. Ensuring that your incoming call procedures are being executed, or identifying where customer service needs improvement is crystal clear when you can simply review how the conversation was handled.

Here's an example of a captured phone call that shows center staff are very skilled at handling a birthday party inquiry... click here ...While we love this positive example, many incoming phone call sales leads at centers are mishandled. The recorded calls in the emailed Call Report allows center management to identify problems and take corrective action.

Reviewing and listening to your calls...

You'll receive twice monthly emailed Call Reports containing call information. Here's a report example...

(click to enlarge)

When you receive your report, you can click on the link in the last column to listen to the call.

Recordings are stored for at least 90 days giving you time to review and identify sales leads for further follow up, praise customer savvy staff who are delighting callers and converting them into visitors, or replay the calls as often as is needed for training scenarios.

Next Step...

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