Block Crank Calls

Bowling center instantly blocks crank caller

One of my client centers received some silly crank calls from some kids asking the staff person who answered if he had...8 pound balls.

Problem... It was annoying by the 4th call.

Solution... All of our coupon campaigns include the use of a phone call tracking system. How it works - we place a unique toll free number on each of our client's Merchant Coupon campaigns (see sample below). The toll free number rings at the center, so calling the center is seamless to both the caller and center staff, yet this system lets the center (legally) track and record each call. On top of that, we can instantly program a center's toll free number in a few seconds to block individual phone numbers.

That's what we did in this case. The next time crank caller calls from their blocked cell phone number, they will always get a busy signal. Plus the center has a recording of the call and their CallerID info.

Blocking crank calls is a rare but useful capability of the call tracking service. Center's tell me their favorite part of the included call tracking and recording feature is being able to spot check how incoming sales are being handled by center staff. Management gets a weekly report by email that has web links which play any call instantly. Great management tool.

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