Merchant Coupon Program - Merchant Bowling Parties

Generate Food & Beverage revenue on otherwise empty lanes by offering a free bowling party to your Merchant Partners.

Each coupon campaign can include (with your persmission) a complimentary customized "Merchant Free Bowling Party" info-kit (sample below) featuring your center's name and information.


Deepen relationships with Merchant Partners and generate F&B revenue on your slower days.

Our process

Unless you direct otherwise, we will offer to send each of your Merchant Partners the free bowling party info-kit by email, fax and also include a printed copy with their coupon shipment.

What's involved

Merchant Partners that are interested will call you to book a free party. As you can see by the offer you have total control and can offer dates and times that you want to fill. We start by offering the slowest days and times...Monday to Friday in the afternoon. You can be the hero and offer other days and times as you see fit. Tune the party size as desired by offering / limiting the number of lanes that meet your real-time F&B goals and lead generation needs.

The benefits to your center

1. Connect directly with merchant employees - Offering a free bowling party to your Merchant Partners deepens the relationship and provides the employees at the Merchants a clear "what's in it for me" motivation to keep your coupons front and center at their locations. We know merchant Owners and Managers see the tremendous value of the coupons, but the offer of a party really connects with the merchant employees.

2. Food & Beverage revenue - We encourage you to have your staff follow-up with each Merchant Partner, thank them personally, and seek more business building opportunities. We find that even if center staff do no direct follow-up, the free party info-kit generates a few parties from Merchant Partners who take action and call you to fill otherwise empty lanes on slower days and times with groups made up of employees / friends / family, generating Food & Beverage revenue.

After Beach Bowl (Jacksonville Beach, FL) pulled in $480 of F&B from their 1st merchant party, they called their remaining 23 merchant partners to help them book their party.

3. Develop company outing prospects - Exposing local businesses to your unique form of employee recreation helps develop future holiday party or company outing prospects.

Check out the "Merchant Free Bowling Party" info-kit...

Next Step...

Please call us today to discuss how we can fill your lanes using Merchant Coupons.

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Merchant Coupon Program overview


Beach Bowl (FL)

"We were able to fill lanes on an otherwise slow night with 10 people from our first Merchant Partner bowling party that we offered to our 24 Merchant Coupon Partners. We did about $480 in F&B and added them to our holiday party prospect list. Thank you!"

- Tom Yamamoto, Manager