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This referral is from an independent center that used three "New Bowler Development Programs" back-to-back in two of their centers located in a medium sized market. Both centers have 36 lanes, and the available lane time was 9:15 PM. Only new non-bowlers were allowed to join this new bowler development process.

The 3 programs...

- Get Acquainted Party (multiple parties over 3 weeks)

- Have-A-Ball (4 week, 8 dollars a week, includes free ball)

- Short Season League (15 week short season league)

From: A very satisfied center manager

To: potential BMA clients

Great news!

We had a very successful experience with BMA's New Bowler Development Process. The programs we used are outlined below, and the best part is, YOU (the center owner/manager/staff) WILL DO NOTHING TO GET THE BOWLERS INTO YOUR CENTER. All you have to do is to make sure that the new bowlers that BMA brings in to your center have fun, and then you simply work with those new bowlers to convert them into league bowlers.

In my centers, we put bowling balls in the hands of 132 BRAND NEW BOWLERS with the Have-A-Ball league, and then we successfully converted 76 of these bowlers into the 15 week Short Season League program!

The ROI was excellent. The New bowler Development programs that we utilized had a cost of $3140 from BMA. For starters, we got back much of that cost just from the beverage revenues that were boosted by the initial Get Acquainted Parties.

We generated close to $13,000 gross from the programs. It cost us approximately $2500 for the 132 new balls. In addition to the immediate revenue, BMA helped us to create bowlers who will now bowl in my centers in the future.

In addition to the programs listed above, BMA was also available to perform valuable tasks like calling back every business after the parties, talking to decision makers, booking corporate outings and once a month leagues, fund raisers, employee team work sessions, etc. You can't lose!

I was thrilled to find an affordable solution that addressed my business development needs in a matter of days. We now have more bowlers. You can too! I encourage you to try BMA today!