Merchant Coupon Program

Fills empty lanes with New Bowlers, Company Outings and Birthday Parties

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BMA's Merchant Coupon Program fills empty lanes with New Bowlers,

Company Outings and Birthday Parties by placing 120,000 coupons across

24 high-traffic merchants like McDonald's.

We multiply our clients' marketing dollars 3 to 10 times.

Your closest prospects will see the coupons for SIX months. TV, newspapers

and online ads can be too broad and only last days.

Unlike our competitors or in-center marketing efforts, we focus only on high-

traffic merchants and our program includes ongoing merchant contact and coupon about half the cost.

Reported benefits...

- $12,000 from 1,200 Open Play visitors ($10 ea: shoes, paid game, F&B)

- plus more revenue from additional Birthday Party sales

- Develop new bowlers and reconnect with former League Bowlers (more info)

- Books Merchant bowling parties that deliver F&B revenue (more info)

- Fills Leagues (16% of coupon users are interested in leagues)

- 360 (30%) new email addresses collected from back of coupon

- Included Data Entry builds new bowler and email hot lists (more info)

- Creates valuable B2B relationships with local high-image merchants (more info)

- Generates buzz and interest with a Press Release (more info)

- Integrates with Social Media to cross promote on Facebook (more info)

- A short term ROI of 6 times on the marketing dollars spent (more info)

- Long term ROI... develops new recurring customers (more info)

Complete Customer Life Cycle...bring them in, capture their email,

invite them back.

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