MS Word Task list

Hello busy task master!

I have explored many different task and to-do solutions including paper based (day planners, legal pads, calendars, Post-It Notes) and PC based (Outlook Tasks, Notepad, Excel, database, 3rd party to-do program, etc.)...

Ultimately I found that using a simple table in MS Word worked best.

I welcome you to giving my simple solution a try - download the document file here.

How to use my MS Word Task List …

- Easy access: keep this document file on your desktop with the icon positioned so that it is easy to see and click on. Each time you get a new task, get into the habit of doing a quick click to open this document, add the task under IMMEDIATE and go back to what you were working on until you are done. At that point you are ready to review and prioritize your tasks to identify what to work on next.

- Add a row: place your pointer in front of any white row, left click to highlight row, then right click to get a menu and select INSERT ROW

- Drag a row: place your pointer in front of any row you want to move, left click to highlight row, then left click on the highlighted row’s FIRST CELL and start dragging to the new desired row position

- Daily use: drag a completed task below the blue COMPLETED TODAY row. Each morning, highlight and drag all tasks completed yesterday down to the green row. Place the most recent completed tasks directly below the green row so that old completed tasks are pushed down the page.

Hope you find it useful and do contact me with any questions or feedback,


Christopher Swanson

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