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How do you inform center staff of new marketing campaigns

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Hi forum readers - I am hoping to get some feedback on the ways center management keeps their staff updated on new marketing campaigns.

As I deliver and help centers run merchant coupon programs ( , I see there is a challenge for center management to get the word out to all staff...

- that coupons will be coming in

- what the value (new customers) of the marketing program is to the center

- and which coupon redemption steps are critical (ex: get legible email addresses)

One solution I use to help my client centers notify staff is that I create and send a custom "staff notification" flyer to the center (see sample below or at this link... ) to help spread the word and explain the campaign basics.

How do you introduce new marketing campaigns to staff?

- monthly staff meetings

- pass out flyers

- post flyers and memos near time clock

- internal email message / newsletter to all staff

- one on one training

I appreciate any insight on what works (or does not work) for you.

Chris 800-603-3985 Ext 42

Chris Swanson BMA Marketing Wolcott CT

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Reply by Marketing_Maven 17 hours ago

I send a "Crew Update" email each time that we have a new event or promotion. I include a flyer for the promotion, along with any info about how to ring up specials, etc. We also have a monthly meeting for CSR's that gives updates and opportunities for questions.

Reply by Christopher Swanson 16 hours ago

Thanks for the reply Robin.

I saw a conversation somewhere online from some center managers who were considering setting up some digital picture frames to display rotating flyers at the counter to inform and market to customers. Could be a good idea to deliver current critical messages to staff by placing frames in staff facing areas.

Also, love your web site. I am always glad to see centers using the BPAA hosting service since it is so feature rich. Looks you have tricked your site out and made use of the features. Found the link to your blog and enjoyed scanning that too.

Thanks again,


Reply by Marketing_Maven 15 hours ago

Thanks Chris.

That does sound like a good idea.

Thanks for comments about web & blog. I did trick out with custom buttons, etc. It's fun for me to use the template, but tweak it to be a little unique.