Merchant Coupon Program - Social Media Integration

Another one of the included steps we can perform in your Merchant Coupon marketing program is to integrate the Merchant Coupon campaign into your center's Social Media marketing.

Cross promote on Facebook

When the coupons ship, we will visit your center's Facebook page and post a short message on your wall letting your center's fans know that valuable coupons are in the market. The message contains a link to a list of the merchants. Here's an example of the post we made for Classic Lanes (Rochester Hills MI). We added a red box to the screen shot below to show you where our post is...

(click for full size image)

In the past we used to suggest to the our client centers that they do this. We provided the idea, suggested text for the message and provided a link to the merchant list. Turns out most centers where too busy to run with the idea, so now BMA offers to handle this task.

Centers that like the idea of cross promoting will "like" the post we place on their wall which will allow their thousands of Fans to see the post. This helps the post go viral to your each of your customers' social networks. Simple, yes, but it's another one of those small yet effective steps that we can help take care of.

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