Merchant Coupon Program - Downloading Calls

Download and save calls to your PC for future reference

Merchant Coupons can generate thousands of visits and hundreds of incoming, sales related phone calls that can be tracked and recorded using the coupon's toll-free 888 phone number.

You can easily download and save your recorded phone calls to your PC for future reference. Calls are saved for 30 days. Centers like to download some of their best (and worst) calls to review with Staff to praise or train.

Here are the steps to download and save a call to your PC. Note, in the instructions below we are using Google's web browser called Chrome.

You can download it here... Click here

- Step 1. Click the link in the Call Report

From your weekly Call Report, hover your cursor over the link of the call you want to download until a "chain link" icon appears...

(click to enlarge)

- Step 2. Play the call and get ready to download

Click the "chain link" icon. A new browser tab will open and the call will start playing...

(click to enlarge)

- Step 3. Download the file from the Internet

Click the WRENCH icon, click SAVE PAGE AS to start the download.

(click to enlarge)

- Step 4. Save the call record file to your PC

A "save file" dialog window will open.

We suggest you create a folder on your desktop or somewhere easy to find to store your call recording files in. In the example below we created a folder called "Downloaded calls".

We suggest you name your call files something like...

Coupon call - 20YY-MM-DD - call subject.wma as an example a real file name might look like...

Coupon call - 2007-06-30 - Joe nails birthday call.wma

...this way the files will sort by date and have some words in the file name to help you refer back to them later. In the example below the call recording file contains a call about a birthday party.

(click to enlarge)

- Step 5. Play the call from your local PC.

The call is saved and can be played back at any time by double clicking.

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That's it! You have saved the call locally and can refer to it and replay for as long as you chose to keep the file.

Management Ideas for using the call recordings for...

- Employee training

- Employee reviews

- Staff meetings

- Create "audio testimony" when you find a caller raving about your service! Get permission from your customer and then have your web master edit the file (we use the free editor Audacity ) to isolate the best audio part. Next, place the call recording file on a hosted location (ex: and link to the file from a "testimony" page on your web site.

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