Merchant Coupon Program - Email Coupon service

Increasing customer visits using monthly email

Merchant Coupon Program "Email Coupon" feature

As an INCLUDED part of our Merchant Coupon Program, we help our client centers communicate with their customers each month by sending a recurring thank you email that includes a simple email coupon (see the complete email message example at the bottom of this page). This email service applies to a center's existing email list(s) and the new email addresses generated from their BMA Merchant Coupon campaigns.

Invite past customers back

BMA's email coupon service is designed to ensure that a center's email list gets a baseline level of use - without requiring a center to get involved once they have sent their email addresses to us. It's painful to hear that centers are not easily able to follow-up with past customers who gladly provided their contact info - so we created a simple, effective solution.

Our goal is to take some of the work off of the centers we serve and provide them with a reliable email marketing solution that keeps them in touch with their customers.

A focused email message

There are plenty of fine vendors who offer custom (expensive) email marketing services that come with contracts and center obligations like providing content each month or actually having to execute each campaign on their own. BMA is not in that space. Our Email Coupon marketing service can be used on its own, and it certainly can compliment in-center email marketing efforts or other outsourced content (newsletters, special event offers, etc.) you might be using now or in the future.

Once a center has our email coupons going out on a regular basis, they are free to focus on specific events aimed at narrow targets. If center resources get tight and their other email marketing campaigns get pushed off, it's a relief to know that BMA's monthly email coupons will ensure that a center's past customers are getting touched, thanked and invited back 12 times a year.


Tracking is accomplished by the center recording the number of email coupons that get redeemed for free games (and the money spent on shoes, paid game, F&B) and the number of Corporate/Birthday parties booked using the 10% OFF discount. Simple tracking that measures what counts...sales.

My mission

BMA exists to help place paper coupons in merchants around your center. Those coupons fill your lanes and grow your email list. It makes sense for us share our technical know-how that will help our client centers invite their new and old customers back using email coupons.

Next Step...

Please call us today to discuss how we can fill your lanes using Merchant Coupons.

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BMA Marketing Wolcott, CT

Merchant Coupon Program overview

Sample Email Coupon message

From: Communications Office

Sent: Tuesday, 11:00 AM


Subject: a gift for you from Emerson Lanes

Please enable images in your email client to view your coupon.


RE: A gift for you

Hi Tim - we really appreciate that you choose to bowl in our facility.

This coupon is our gift to you...

Please come see us again! Print the coupon above and bring it to

our center this month to bowl for FREE or call us this month to book a

party that occurs within 90 days and SAVE 10% by presenting the

coupon on the day of your party.

We encourage you to share / forward this email coupon with family and friends.

See you soon... John Fazio, Manager

Emerson Lanes 888-466-9899

1501 36th St., Parkersburg, WV 26101

Message sent to - please reply with the word STOP in subject line to stop emails.