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Using the correct mix of thorough marketing steps including up to 5 phone invite and follow-up calls along with follow-up faxes and emails, we can fill your center with happy and enthusiastic new bowlers that sound like this.

RE: How to attract 240 new bowlers

Many centers report that leagues shrink an average of 5% a year. BPAA research shows that just 5% of the population bowls. The Get Acquainted Party Program reaches out to the 95% who do not bowl and starts them on the path to league bowling, offering centers a way to rebuild and grow their leagues.

The program...

We obtain a current list of the closest 300 (or more if you desire) businesses around your center that have 20 or more employees.

Next, we call each business to introduce your center as an employee motivation / recreation solution and invite their employees to sample your center (on otherwise empty lanes) by attending a no cost bowling and pizza party (on the day and time you want). You would think the response to free bowling and pizza would be overwhelming, but developing interest is challenge. We actually have to invite around 800 employees to get a crowd of about 80 to show up. Most centers do not have the time or staff to handle this amount of work. The goal is to build 3 parties with 80 attendees.

The party...

Your staff will follow the steps outlined in our included guide. Do what you are already good at: show the attendees a great time. During the party, while the new visitors are eating pizza, laughing with friends, hoping to win a raffle prize…and (re)discovering the fun in your center, you will simply hand out a short club program (ex: 4 weeks) flyer that offers this kind of fun every week, at a great rate (ex: $8). That’s it. You now have the process and skills to operate a repeatable new bowler development process any time you need more bowlers. Learn how to build the next set or parties on your own or let us continue to handle it.


Revenue Source 1: League Bowlers…$6000

What’s the yearly value of a league bowler in your center? Let’s use $500. Over a set of 3 parties, on average we invite a total 2400 employees > 345 commit > 240 show > 48 join a 4 week club > 24 join a 10 week club > and 12 go on to join your 30 week leagues! 12 new league bowlers at $500 each will generate $6000 a year.

Revenue Source 2: Party Attendees…$1,200

- weeks 1 to 3.... 240 total party attendees @ $5 drink / snack / bar purchase = $1200

Revenue Source 3: Club participants…$6,096

- weeks 5 to 8.... 48 join, 4 week x $8 club + $5 drink / snack / bar, per visit = $1,776

- weeks 9 to18... 24 join, 10 week x $8 club + $5 drink / snack / bar, per visit = $3,120

Revenue sources 2 & 3 at 18 weeks = $7,200. Then add the $6000 from the 12 new league bowlers, for a total 12 month ROI of...$13,296.

Next step...

You can quickly cover the cost of this program from the proceeds, but more now have a process that creates new league bowlers who can fill holes and/or join Fall leagues. That means that your center can repeat the Get Acquainted Party program as needed to meet your league growth goals.

This complete New Bowler Development marketing program includes a list of 300 local businesses, 3 parties built and delivered on your preferred dates and times, a detailed program kit and a training conference call with your staff. At a cost of three $883 payments, this program can pay for itself many times over and corrects shrinking leagues!

Don't let another league building week slip by. It's lost money. You are one short phone call away from turning the tide and accomplishing your league marketing responsibilities. Let's talk about your new bowler sales goals and how we can exceed them.

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Ross Cottom Lanes (IL)

"Wanted to update you on the Have-A-Ball program, our first short club that we moved the Get Acquainted Party attendees into. Last night we added a week #5 which was a free bowling and pizza party to conclude the 4 week program. Everyone was elated with their bowling balls and the final night. We are starting a 4 week Have-A-Bag club on Jan 9. All 13 teams have joined plus I may have an additional team have signed up, so after the first of the year I will have 14 teams floored at 9 pm on Mon night for 4 weeks. 13 will be getting a bag and 1 team will be getting a new ball. All good stuff thanks to BMA Marketing!"

- Doug Cottom, Owner

Brunswick Bowl XL (Lakeville, MN)

"I just wanted to thank you again for putting that program on for us back in October. We now have league bowlers bowling today that came from that Marketing program. My GM and I agree that if we are going to do another league (which we may want to do this summer), we would like to use your services again."

- Michael Peterson, League Coordinator

Boston Bowl Hanover (MA)

"We had another good turnout last week. This final Get Acquainted party went very well. We had a total of 74 bowlers from the following companies…Advanced Mortgage: 11, JC Penney: 23, Graphic Developments: 13, Uno Chicago Grill: 15 and Green Environmental: 12. FYI - We had 46 in our first paid Have-A-Ball club date this week (filled with free party attendees we converted)!"

- John Ellis, GM

Great Lakes Bowling Centers (MI)

"I am pleased with the overall turn out and bowlers floored from the Get Acquainted Parties . Based on this, we may ask for your assistance at another location soon."

- Rich Glomb, GM

Fairlanes Bowl (MI)

"We started the 2nd club (built from Get Acquainted Party Program attendees who joined a 4x$10) last night and had 14 FULL TEAMS, yeah!!!!! I think my staff did a wonderful job building this program. They even decided to bowl on the league to help a team that just had 2 people and were going to leave last night! We also have a possible 2 more teams for next week...our Assistant Manager talked to some of the open bowlers last night and convinced (hopefully) them to join next week. I feel the program was a success! Thank you!"

- Aileen Hindy, Manager

Stars And Strikes Dacula (GA)

"We wanted to thank you for a job well done (Get Acquainted Party Program). Tonight was the first night of the league, and we are happy to say we had 14 teams attend...56 new bowlers. It is very nice to see a goal like this achieved. We are looking forward to the next steps with the sales function."

- Chris Albano & Jack Canouse, Managing Partners