The Pines


We are delighted that in September 2019 we will be opening The Pines Base for children with Complex Needs.

The Base will have two classrooms which will accommodate 20 children. One room will be specifically for 10 children aged 4 – 7 (KS1) and the other room will be for 10 children aged 7 – 11 (KS2).

For many children and young people, changing schools or coming to one for the first time can be traumatic and for others it is a time of excitement and apprehension. At this time, it is the Pines overarching aim to ensure that processes are as seamless as possible so as to ensure that the pupil settles in, adapts effectively to our environment and that parents/carers feel supported in the knowledge that the most appropriate placement has been secured for their child in order to meet their needs.

It is very much the aim that the children will be in an inclusive learning environment. Therefore, the children attending The Pines Base will join their friends in Redgate, whenever possible, for school activities, ensuring that they are very much a part of the Redgate School community.


Pupils being admitted to The Pines at Redgate CP School will meet the following criteria:

· Have an EHCP describing a range of needs that diagnose that their SEN is complex.

· Will not have primary need of ASC/SEMH.

· Will be aged from Reception to Year 6

· Will be academically functioning significantly below their chronological age