Our Governing Body

Our values - LEARN, COLLABORATE, GROW, NURTURE and STAY SAFE are at the heart of everything we do within our governing body to support and develop Redgate Community Primary School.

Who are the Governors?

The governors are made up from representatives from the Local Authority, the Community, Parents and Staff.

Chair of Governors: Steve Cook Vice Chair: Chris Page

Roger Hills,David O 'Callaghan, Jennifer Higgins, Nick Bentley, Deborah Tyfield, Karen Turner (Y3 teacher & Health and well being lead) and Suzanne Webb (headteacher).

Clerk: Mrs Steele

What do the Governors do?

The role of the governors is to provide support and challenge to the school so that the school is well led and managed in order that every child can reach their potential.

How do we do this?

We do this through regular meetings with the school leadership. There are Full Governing Body meetings once a term, and sub-committee meetings which focus on particular areas:

  • Curriculum & Community : to look at what is being taught and how; the attainment and progress made by pupils ; how the school promotes a safe environment and how the school engages with our community.
  • Finance, Staffing and Premises : to ensure that school finances, staffing and premises are managed appropriately and safely.



FGB AGM 15/10/2020, 5-6pm

Curriculum & Community, 10 /11/2020,4:30 -5:30pm

Finance, Staffing & Premises,17/11/20120,4:30 -5:30pm


Curriculum & Community, 02/02/2021,4:30 -5:30pm

Finance, Staffing & Premises,09/03/2021,4:30 -5:30pm

FGB, 18/03/2021, 5-6pm


Finance, Staffing & Premises, 22/06/2021,4:30-5:30pm

Curriculum & Community, 06/07/2021, 4:30 -5:30pm

FGB, 08/07/2021, 5-6pm

N.B. Dates of meetings will not be changed unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Please email Mrs Steele with apologies if you cannot attend a meeting:-


Suzanne Webb

Steve Cook

Karen Turner

Deborah Tyfield

Chris Page

Roger Hills

Jennifer Higgins


Suzanne Webb

Steve Cook

Nik Bentley

Chris Page

Declaration of Business Interest

Every Year our governors sign a declaration of business interest. This will take place at the first full governors meeting on 15th October 2020.

In the academic year 2019 -20 Mr Bentley declared an interest as he works for Sefton Authority in Governor Services.