meet the team

The Office

Business manager - Melanie Steele

Reception and Attendance Officer- Natalie Fallon

The Leadership Team

Headteacher - Suzanne Webb

Deputy Head- Helen Gambon

Assistant Heads - Kate Adshead, Susan Garrity, Louise Dean

Early Years Lead and Pines Assistant Lead - Marti Fallon

SENCO    - Bethan Kiernan

Assistant SENCo - Louise Dean

The Teachers

Little Squirrels Nursery - Kirsty Atlee

Reception - Joanne Harbottle 

Year 1 - Kerri Jones

Year 2 - Karen Turner

Year 3 - Helen Gambon / Terri Shimmin

Year 4 - Gill Stratton and Anna Feehan

Year 5 - Kate Adshead / Susan Garrity

Year 6 - Nicole Gillies

The Pines:

The Pines Lead, Assistant SENCO and Dragonflies  - Louise Dean

Natterjacks - Oliver Stretton

Woodpeckers - Freya Armstrong

Foxes - Sam Gittins

Sports lead - Terri Shimmin

Lead Teaching Assistants

Matt Arnold 

Paula Roberts

Lesley Davis

Laura Sumner

Early Years Practitioners

Louise Armstrong 

Alesha Carr

Sam Gallagher

Rebecca Swale

Gabrielle Rylands

Jennifer Hankin

Erin O'Rourke

The mainstream Teaching Assistants

Megan Parker-Sharples

Alex Jeffrey

Jane Dove

Claire Simmons

Stephanie Parker

Laura Coveney

The Pines

Rebecca Marsden

Rebecca McCormack

Gemma Jones

Helen Miller

Cath Allman

Claire Byrne

Hayley Grey

Lauren Bevan

Rebecca Renshaw

Laura Sumner

Danika Aindow

Sally McDonald

Katie O'Brien

Hayley Roberts

Carla Black

Hana Musimurimwa

Kirstin Houlgrave

Mia Canavan

Mary McLoughlin

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes! Meet Lily who loves to visit The Pines.

Redgate Community Primary School Leaders September 2021.docx