Welcome to the Barrow County School System’s Digital Learning Platform where you can earn badges to showcase your learning achievements and for applying what you’ve learned in the classroom!

So, how do you earn a badge?

Step #1 - Choose a badge from one of the challenge categories below or click here.

Step #2 and this is SO important!! Read the directions on the specific badge page. Each badge has unique requirements and expectations and directions on how to turn in your evidence. If your evidence isn't correct, this can delay earning the badge.

Step #3 Submit your evidence and apply for the badge - Not sure how to do this? Go back to Step #2!

Step #4 Get your badge and check your stats! Unless there is an issue, your badge award will be emailed to you. You can also check which badges you've earned and your total XP points on this site here.

Make a copy and keep track of your badges with this checklist. Keep in mind that your copy won't update when new badges are added!

Check your XP Points and Badges Earned HERE!

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