Welcome to the Barrow County School System’s Ed Tech Innovation Challenges! Earn badges to showcase your digital learning achievements and for integrating technology in the classroom!

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What's New for September?

  • Badge of the Month is Google Draw Level 1 for an extra 50 XP!
    • If you've already earned it, apply again without evidence. Put "bonus XP" into any required fields asking for evidence or grade level. This will not give you an extra badge, but your XP total will increase.
  • Chromebook Giveaway
    • At the end of October! Click here to read how you can qualify for the drawing!
  • Admin Challenge!
    • Show you know what the essentials of the SAMR model for meaningful technology use is all about by earning the SAMR Beginner badge. Read more about it in this newsletter!
    • Congrats to the CLES Leadership Team for being the FIRST to meet this challenge!

REmind Badge is now available

Keep in mind your copy won't update as badges are added, but you can use this to track your badges.

School Leaderboards % of Badges Earned in BCSS

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