Phonics and Reading

At Shafton Primary we want all children to leave us at the end of Year 6 confident,  fluent readers with a love of reading. Children are given lots of opportunities to read in a variety of different lessons and areas around our school. We strongly believe that if a child can read then they will be successful in all areas of our curriculum. 

We have a large library where children can read for pleasure a book of their choice, reading and phonic interventions take place in our library. We also have many artefacts for the children to use whilst reading books. 

Our Early Reading Lead is Miss Danielle Tallant. 

Phonics and Early Reading

At Shafton Primary Academy we have introduced and implemented a new phonics programme called Read Write Inc (RWI). We want to ensure that the transition to this programme is as smooth as possible therefore your support at home will be important to us. 

What is phonics?

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read. Phonics works by breaking words down into its individual sounds. There are 44 different sounds in the English language. Learning to read with phonics is therefore a bit like learning a code, and after learning just a few sounds, you will be able to use this code to read hundreds of words. The more sounds you know, the more words you will be able to work out how to read. Not all words are phonetically decodable, however, a select few words you need to learn through the 'sight words' method of learning to read. 

What is Read, Write, Inc. phonics?

The Read Write Inc. programme is for primary school children learning to read. It is a phonics based programme which helps children learn to read whilst also developing a wide range of vocabulary and encouraging a love of stories. Read Write Inc. is a government backed phonics scheme designed by Ruth Miskin, which through systematic teaching and consistent routines, enables children to achieve high levels of reading success.It was developed by Ruth Miskin and more information on this can be found at At Shafton Primary Academy, we believe that reading is the key to all learning and we are fully committed to making sure that every child is a reader by the end of KS1.

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