A-Level Media Studies


Whoever control the media, controls the mind.”

-Jim Morrison

Media Studies creates curiosity about the world around you. Become part of the organisations which shape our views of the world. By studying A-Level Media, students will extend their practical skills, build their capacity for independent research, and gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the role media plays in day-to-day life. Students will question the validity of the information they receive each day and become aware of bias within the media.

Key Information

  • Qualification: A-Level

  • Exam Board: AQA

Entry Requirements

  • English 5+ and 4+ in Media Studies or

  • English 6+ for students that haven't undertaken Media

Useful Links

Paper 1: Media language and media representations

Section A: Media Language and Media Representations; •advertising and marketing •music video.

Section B: Media Industries and Media Audiences, any two of the following forms; • radio •newspapers •film (industries only).

  • Written exam

  • 2 hours

  • 84 marks

  • 35% of A-level

  • A range of questions relating to an unseen source and Close Study Products.

  • Two essay questions (20 marks), one of which is an extended response question

Paper 2: Media Forms

Questions will focus on the in-depth media forms of television, magazines and online, social and participatory media/video games.

  • Written exam

  • 2 hours

  • 84 marks

  • 35% of A-level

  • One medium length unseen analysis question.

  • Three essay questions (25 marks), one of which is an extended response question and one of which is a synoptic question.

Paper 3: Creating a cross-media production

Application of knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework. Ability to create media products

  • A choice of one of six annually changing briefs, set by AQA.

  • 60 marks

  • 30% of A-level

  • Assessed by teachers • Moderated by AQA

Students produce:

• a statement of intent

• a cross-media production made for an intended audience.


A level Media Studies students can go onto study Media, TV or Film at University

Occupations that are commonly associated with Media include:

  • Media Planner

  • Multimedia Specialist

  • Programme Researcher

  • Public Relations Officer

  • Runner

  • Social Media Manager.

What goes well with Media Studies?

  • Business

  • English

  • Sport

  • Psychology

  • Sociology