A-Level Mathematics


Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas  

-Albert Einstein

A level Mathematics gives you the opportunity to study topics such as geometry, calculus and trigonometry (pure mathematics) and to use these ideas within the 'applied' topics such as mechanics and statistics. 

A-Level Maths will secure you with the knowledge and confidence to carry out tasks you’re likely to want to do in the future, such as: work out the best way to pay off student debts, choose the most cost-effective mortgage, and make sensible investments.

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Paper 1: Pure Mathematics 1

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2

Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics


Students studying mathematics most commonly progress onto University or an Apprenticeship. There is  significant evidence that if you take A-Level Maths, you are more likely to earn more in your career. A study from 2016 suggested that those who took A-Level Mathematics earned 11% more in their early 30s than those who did not.(Mathspire.com)

Occupations that are commonly associated with Maths  include:

What goes well with Mathematics?