Vocational Business Studies


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

-Peter Drucker

Business is the study of applying ideas to create or add value to a product or service in order to generate a profit. Students who study Business will gain an understanding of how organisations operate and be able to apply their skills practically in preparation for further study or the workplace. The skills you learn in business studies can be easily transferred and adapted to just about any future career or job position imaginable.

Key Information

  • Qualification: Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate

  • Exam Board: OCR

Entry Requirements

  • 5 or more GCSE (or equivalent) qualifications at Grade 4 or above incl. Maths and English

Useful Links

Unit 1: The Business Environment

  • In this unit you will develop an understanding of how and why businesses operate in the way they do. You will look at a range of different types of business and business structures, and explore how the ownership of a business and its objectives are interrelated.

  • Externally assessed

  • 120 guided learning hours

Unit 2: Working in Business

  • This unit will cover the skills and understanding needed to work effectively within a business environment. This includes arranging meetings, working with business documents, making payments, prioritising business activities and communicating with stakeholders.

  • Externally assessed

  • 60 guided learning hours

Unit 4: Customers and Communication

  • In this unit you will learn the purpose, methods and importance of communication in business and the appropriateness of different forms of communication for different situations. You will develop the skills that will help you create a rapport with customers and have the opportunity to practise and develop your business communication skills.

  • Internally assessed

  • 60 guided learning hours

Unit 5: Marketing and market Research

  • You will gain an in-depth understanding of primary and secondary market research methods used to inform marketing decision-making and any constraints on marketing activities.

  • Internally assessed

  • 60 guided learning hours

Unit 16: Principles of Project Management

  • In this unit you will learn about the stages of project management and the type of skills a project manager should have. You will also learn why you need to monitor the progress of projects as it is vital to their successful completion and implementation. You will plan a project, and prepare a project plan.

  • Internally assessed

  • 60 guided learning hours


Many students who study the Business C-Tech then go on to study Business further at University with a variety of courses available or an Apprenticeship. Studying Business can give you a whole host of exciting career options, including:

  • Finance

  • Management

  • Accounting

  • Financial banking

  • Investment

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Operations Management

  • Economics

What goes well with Business?

  • IT

  • Media

  • Sport