Uniform Expectations

The uniform reflects our high standards, expectations, motto and core values and is designed with both boys and girls in mind and is smart, comfortable and economical.

Uniform is one of the outward signs by which the local community recognises and makes judgements about our students and it is important that our students present themselves in a positive, professional way that conveys a disciplined and well-ordered learning environment. Smart uniform ensures that all students are prepared for work both in school and beyond. Students arriving at school without the correct uniform will be refused entrance and returned home at parents’ expense. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child changes into appropriate school uniform so that they can be readmitted to school.

We expect parents to endorse these principles and support the school to ensure the uniform code applies to every student in Years 7 to 13. All students are required to wear full school uniform whilst journeying to and from school, and whilst inside and outside the school buildings. The uniform should be neat and clean, communicating that our students take pride in belonging to Bexleyheath Academy.

The uniform policy can be found here. This outlines the items of uniform that are required and items that are prohibited. 

Specialist subjects such as the Sciences, Art and Technology may require protective clothing, about which staff will advise students. If a student does not wear the recommended protective clothing, the school cannot accept responsibility for any damage to other clothing.

Our uniform can be purchased from Stevensons, via their online store or telephone - 01727 815700.  To access the current uniform list and prices please click here.