Sixth Form Courses

On this page, you will find links to each of the courses offered in the Bexleyheath Academy Sixth Form. Click on the buttons above to read the specification for the different subjects on offer. We understand that deciding which subjects to study in Year 12 is difficult and therefore we advise the following:

  • Read the specification for each subject you are interested in.

  • Talk to your subject teacher/s about the subject at Sixth Form level; do not assume you know about a subject because you have studied it in Year 11.

  • Look at the content and type of assessments that will take place (e.g. Does the subject have coursework? Is the subject entirely exam-based?)

  • Be aware of your predicted grades at GCSE and read the Entry Requirements for each subject carefully.

  • Talk to the Careers Teacher/Adviser, particularly if you have a specific career in mind. Some careers specifically request certain subject combinations and it is important that you know this before you embark on your course of study.

  • Read University Prospectuses looking at degree courses which may already interest you. Think ahead as some degree courses favour certain subject combinations. Sixth Form Staff will also advise you about University requirements. The UCAS website is a useful starting point for any research.

  • Talk to your parents about your intended choices. They want you to be successful in your Sixth Form choices so involve them in your decision-making.

  • In listening to the advice given, you must remember that it is you who will be following the courses. The key to success – is that you must want to do the subjects you finally choose to do.

Academy Entry Requirements

All students must achieve 5 or more GCSE (or equivalent) qualifications at Grade 4 or above (including Maths and English).

There are three pathways available to our students, depending on their GCSE grades:

  • Academic Pathway (A-Levels)

  • Combined Programme (A-Levels & Technical Qualifications)

  • Vocational Pathway (Technical Qualifications)

Subject Entry Requirements