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We love to hear from members of our community with your feedback and suggestions. Click here to share your feedback.

We love to hear from members of our community with your feedback and suggestions. We work really hard to make sure that our families and students get a great experience at Bexleyheath Academy. If there is any feedback you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear from you.

We also know that we can always do things better, and we're committed to listening to your views and making further improvements to ensure that you and your child(ren) always have a great experience. If there are things we can do better, please do let us know - your suggestions are always welcome. We have published your anonymised feedback on this page.

I would like to thank all the staff at Bexleyheath Academy. I could not have wished for more support and help during this difficult time. We have not always found it easy and my son has had to work mostly independently, which is a challenge for him. He is improving and has always completed the work.

Thank you all at Bexleyheath Academy. I am so glad I chose send my son to your school!

You are all TRULY AMAZING!!

06 February 2021

A Parent at #BA

The virtual lessons are excellent. It is a pleasure to see my son joining in and enjoying it.

Thank you for all you are doing.

30 January 2021

A Parent at #BA

My daughter loves this school and I can’t thank everyone at the school for all the hard work and support they give her.

The school is doing amazing and has come so far.

30 January 2021

A Parent at #BA

Can I please take this moment to say a big thank you to each and every teacher. During these difficult times, your staff are doing an amazing job.

I work next to my son from home, and I can hear all the lessons and all the teachers are doing a great job. The google classroom links are always there, all lessons are planned out, and the teachers are always willing to help the students who need it.

Thank you for the patience and support.

25 January 2021

A Parent at #BA

Myself and my Daughter found the virtual evening, informative and very well organised. It gave us lots of information in terms of lessons and certainly supports the next stage of completing our choices and booking some taster sessions.

Thank you to all the teachers who supported the evening, for the detail they went to in sharing an insight of their subjects.

I'm conscious that we always tend to hear the negatives and thought I would share my thoughts in terms of some positive feedback!

Thank you all

24 January 2021

Regional Schools Commissioner

It was great to discuss the latest developments across AET, including your ‘Remarkable World’ programme, how you are responding to the challenges associated with Covid-19, and the school improvement work being implemented in AET academies across South London and the South East – particularly Bexleyheath Academy.

Read more in this letter.

19 January 2021

A Parent at #BA

Options evening was fantastic! We gained so much information, it was brilliant.

Last night we could all listen and were fully engaged. My son was able to ask questions and they were answered instantly.

It was so good he pretty much made his mind up last night which choices he wanted. So much easier, calmer and informative. 'Just Brilliant, I hope this is the way ahead'.

20 January 2021

A Parent at #BA

Dear Ms Crawley,

My children are in Year 9 and Year 10. They are certainly enjoying the competition with the Virtual Engagement Reports.

They are total win win in this house!

22 January 2021

A Member of Staff at #BA

Dear Mr Napier,

I’ve had a lot of really positive feedback from parents this week, not only about the online engagement scores but about the amazing job Bexleyheath Academy are doing with the online learning and keeping in touch with students and their families.

Personally speaking I have nephews at other local schools and there really is no comparison.

22 January 2021

A Parent at #BA

Dear Ms Bulford,

I just wanted to let you know what a success and motivation is has been for my son in Year 7 to receive a daily engagement report.

Having feedback on this work is really encouraging him, and later this week he has even managed to get some 4s, which he is absolutely over the moon about (me too!).

22 January 2021

A Parent at #BA

Dear Mr Napier

I just wanted to thank you and your team for everything you have done this year to maintain learning for the students throughout all the challenges thrown at you!

I was so impressed by how quickly the online learning was available in the first lockdown, and by how organised and structured it was.

The communications from the school have greatly improved and I have appreciated the surveys checking in on how things are going from our perspective.

Thank you for all your efforts.

22 December 2020

A Parent at #BA

Dear Mr Napier,

I felt I had to write you a short note to say thank you for the tremendous efforts you and your team put in for the year 11s who just left and received their GCSE results.

My son had a very difficult time in his first few years at BA and it is not a school I looked upon favourably. The transformation that you and the new leadership team have made in the last 12-18 has been nothing short of AMAZING. Ben hated getting up for the extended classes but we persevered and he attended the majority of the lessons your teams arranged to assist them in their GCSE preparation. I have no doubt that these made a massive difference to my son's learning journey and most definitely his GCSE results.

I wish you every success in continuing to make Bexleyheath Academy a transformed school and thank you so much for your and your teams efforts. I will not hesitate in recommending you to anyone and sharing my story.

9 September 2020

A Student at #BA

Dear Mr Napier,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the staff and teachers at the academy, I really admire all of you for carrying on as usual and making these strange times as normal as possible for all of us students, without any of you, none of us would have been able to cope.

I've learnt so much during these 4 months despite being at home, I wouldn't have been able to do it without your dedication. I'm even prouder to say that I am part of Bexleyheath Academy and we've definitely outshone all of the other schools!

I can't wait to be back and to be able to see all of the teachers and carry on learning. I hope you and all of the teachers have a well deserved restful summer holiday, and see you all in September!

16 July 2020

A Parent at #BA

Dear Everyone at Bexleyheath Academy,

My daughter has just received a call from a member of staff at the school to find out how she has coped with learning independently at home these past few months.

I would like to commend the school on this initiative and thank all the staff who have continued to teach my daughter during this difficult and unprecedented time.

Thank you again for continuing to educate and support my daughter in her studies.

7 July 2020

A Parent at #BA

Dear Ms Twigger,

Hello, thank you for your email.

My son is very well, he is logging onto Google Classroom every morning and I am pleased to see that the amount of work set is very realistic for home learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school for everything, I have had regular calls from the school enquiring how we are and also what a great idea Google Classroom is.

The morning assembly and timetable for the day, is a great incentive to make sure the children are up normal school time.

14 May 2020

A Parent at #BA

Dear Mr Crawley

Good afternoon,

Many thanks for your email, it was quite a boost for my daughter.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person at Bexleyheath Academy for the support, effort and hard work you have all put in through this uncertain time.

I feel proud to say my daughter attends Bexleyheath Academy and would highly recommend the school.

13 May 2020

A Parent at #BA

Dear Mr Napier,

I would also like to thank you and the school for the support my sons have received during this tough time.

The superb virtual learning has enabled them to carry on with their education and keep structure to their days.

I think you are all doing an amazing job.

5 April 2020

A Parent at #BA

Dear Mr Napier,

Just a quick email to say a big well done for the way in which Bexleyheath Academy has structured lessons and provided virtual learning during the closure. I really have been so impressed.

From speaking to other parents with children at other schools BA seems to be far better prepared and more responsive.

It has been to see BA on television with some positive news. A huge well done to all of your staff!

2 April 2020

A Parent at #BA

Dear Everyone at Bexleyheath Academy,

I just thought I would drop you a note to say Well Done and Thank You to everyone involved in continuing to support the children with the Google Classroom.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical when it was first mentioned – but the school have really put in a lot of effort to make this work and ensure the student's don't lose out on their learning. I have two children who are loving their online lessons enjoying using the Google Classroom to keep up with their work.

Well done to all of you!

26 March 2020