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We know that choosing a secondary school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your children and family.

At Bexleyheath Academy the relationships between the staff and students are phenomenal. Staff have high expectations, are ambitious for the students and they know them well. The rigorous focus on the child as a unique individual ensures that the lessons they receive are personalised and allow them to be actively engaged in their learning.

The students at Bexleyheath take pride in their appearance and are polite, caring and respectful towards one another. They understand that hard work, self-motivation, inquisition, ambition and resilience are essential in order for them to achieve the best qualifications possible, equipping them for a rapidly changing, highly competitive and exciting world.

Many children genuinely worry about the move to a secondary school, particularly if they have been used to a small primary school. We work closely with our local primary schools to ensure that our transition process supports this move.

We invite you to visit Bexleyheath Academy to see what we can offer your child to ensure that they make the best progress possible within our Academy.