Student Behaviour

It is very important to remember that You Own Your Own Behaviour; that is to say that you cannot control anyone else’s behaviour but your own

Actions that students choose will have consequences

  • Good choices will result in praise and rewards (Remarkable Points are awarded to students for going above and beyond basic expectations and are celebrated in a number of different ways)

  • Poor choices will result in consequences (The restorative measures and sanctions system is consistent across the Academy and gives students the opportunity to reflect on their actions and change their behaviour)

The full Behaviour for Learning policy can be found here.

It is the responsibility of the students to:

  • Attend the Academy everyday and on time

  • Wear full Academy uniform in line with the Uniform Policy

  • Bring the equipment required for each lesson including PE kit to ALL PE lessons

  • Be prepared to work effectively with anyone else in your groups

  • Complete work set to the best of your abilities both in class and at home

  • Carry out reasonable and appropriate requests from staff

  • Ask for support and guidance from staff to manage any problems

  • Respect the facilities and equipment in and around the Academy

  • Offer your opinions on ways to improve the Academy through the student council