Race to the Top - PBL Initiative

    The Project Based Learning initiative, first launched during the 2013-2014 school year, addresses the increased need for students to acquire 21st century skills. 

    Through Project-Based Learning (PBL), students are exposed to deep learning experiences that are inquiry-based, student-centered, and integrated into the curriculum. 

      The Harmony approach is to maintain the focus on standards-based and student-centered teaching while enriching and extending the learning of students through PBL projects. 

Harmony Science & Engineering Fair (H-SEF)  Rules for All Projects

Harmony Science & Engineering Fair (H-SEF) Project Display & Safety Requirements

  The goal is to promote not only collaborative skills and student ownership of learning but also to promote student success in state and national standards. 

     There are three different levels of PBL projects. Level I is a short-term project and Level II and III are long-term projects. Level I targets 21st-century skills within the context of the curriculum, Levels II and III allow the application and development of these critical skills. 

    All students will complete Level I projects. Students may complete either a project from a set of Level II whose handouts are prepared by the Harmony PBL Team or they can come with their project ideas and driven question as a Level III project.