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Youths open up

A story of Local Response by Jean-Noel from Le Pont du Tamarinier


I coordinated a small group of teenagers in my local church mainly so that they could discuss any concerns they may have had at school, at home, at church or in their private life. Before I took over, many of them had stopped coming to the group. They had become discouraged because they had not been given the chance by the previous coordinator to express their concerns.

In order for me to reach them I needed to create an environment in which they felt comfortable to voice their concerns. I also had to find a "common language" that they would all understand. So I started to get them to use social media, YouTube and other means where they would be comfortable to talk about issues that were relevant to them. As a result, they started opening up and talking about the concerns and issues they had in their life.

When we gave young people avenues to express themselves, they started to talk about the issues and concerns in their lives.